Snorkelling – Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Fiji

Snorkelling – Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Fiji

The islands of the Mamanucas are rich with coral reefs and a vast variety of amazing tropical fish. Likuliku Lagoon and Malolo Island are surrounded by a fringing coral reef making snorkeling ideal.

If you want to venture further afield and explore other snorkel sites, Likuliku Lagoon Resort offers daily trips to various sites nearby and sometimes you may even end up in an undiscovered part of the islands, seeing amazing marine life for the first time.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort offers a daily-changing schedule of activities, including complimentary non-motorised watersports such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and wind surfing, plus complimentary snorkeling equipment.

In addition, there is a myriad of land and sea tours and activities available in and around the surrounding Mamanuca Islands.

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Set your internal clock to โ€˜Fiji timeโ€™: exploring the archipelagoโ€™s exquisite beaches, undersea marvels, lush interiors and fascinating culture shouldnโ€™t be rushed.

Wetter is Better

Fijiโ€™s calm seas belie the riot of life going on within. With seemingly endless stretches of intensely coloured reefs and more than 1500 species of fish and colossal creatures Fijiโ€™s underwater world is worth the plunge. Seasoned divers and snorkellers will find plenty to excite them, while first-timers will be bubbling excited exclamations into their mouthpieces. Anywhere a fin flashes or coral waves, youโ€™ll find a diving or snorkel day trip and there are excellent live-aboard journeys for those after a truly immersive experience.

Throwing Down the (Beach) Towel

Dazzling sands, perfect palm trees and waters so blue they glow โ€“ Fijiโ€™s beaches look airbrushed. While stunning stretches abound, itโ€™s on the islands of the Mamanucas and Yasawas that youโ€™ll find heavenly heavyweights. These beaches are the poster-child for paradise, luring thousands of visitors keen to discover their own South Sea idyll. The appeal of the islands stretches beyond holiday snaps; the reefs, bays and sublime sands have provided cinematic eye candy to films includingย Cast Awayย with Tom Hanks and 1980 teen-dream classicย The Blue Lagoon.

Beyond the Beach

While itโ€™s easy to spend your holiday in, on or under the water, those who take the time to towel off will be rewarded by a wealth of terra firma treats. Fiji offers ample opportunities for hikers, birdwatchers, amblers and forest-fanciers, particularly on the islands of Taveuni โ€“ known as โ€˜The Garden Islandโ€™ for its ludicrously lush interiors โ€“ and Kadavu, a less-travelled slice of prehistoric paradise with almost no roads to speak of. If urban wildlife is your thing, Suva boasts a surprising nightlife scene, while towns like Savusavu entice with rollicking taverns and meet-the-locals haunts.

A Warm Welcome

Fijian life revolves around the church, the village, the rugby field and the garden. While this may sound insular, youโ€™d be hard-pressed to find a more open and welcoming population. Though the realities of local life are less sunny than the countryโ€™s skies โ€“ many regions are poor and lack basic services โ€“ Fijians are famous for their hospitality and warmth, which makes it easy to make friends or immerse yourself in Fijian culture on a village homestay.

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