10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

Are you a romantic couple who likes to travel? Perhaps you plan to celebrate with roses and candles. You don’t have to go to Paris for a romantic weekend.

Here are some alternatives:

Hay-on-Wye – A weekend for literary lovers

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

Hay-on-Wye is a small town on the border between England and Wales, known as the town of books. Bibliophiles from around the world come to its annual literary festival. There are two dozen bookstores in this ‘Book Town,’ which has around 2,000 inhabitants. You can browse Richard Booth’s Bookshop with its solid wood shelves, a charming shop that also houses a cafe, art cinema, and a poetry bookshop where you can find a lover’s sonnet. This is the only UK second-hand bookstore dedicated to poetry.

Edinburgh – The perfect setting for romance

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

For couples, the stunning scenery, mountains, rivers, and scenery of Edinburgh make it the ideal place to take a romantic break. Discover the rich history of the city, visit some of the top restaurants in the country and wander the cobbled streets filled with independent shops. Arthur’s Seat is a great place to take in the stunning views from the city’s hills. If it is raining, you can warm it up in one of the city’s cozy pubs by heating it over a wood stove.

Moscow – A romantic getaway in cultural events

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

Moscow is the best place to go for a fresh cultural getaway. With 261 museum visits, Moscow is the second-most visited city after Paris. Red Bricks and Decorated State Historical Museum displays the rich history of Russia. Or, spend the day at Tretyakov Gallery’s 180,000 exhibits to learn about Russian art. To get extra love in a city where the mercury drops below zero most of the month for much of the year, you can warm up on one of Moscow’s many skating rinks. You can skate on the VDNKH track among the stunning Soviet architecture or in Gorky Park beneath the starry skies of the Muscovites.

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St. Ives – Relax in the happiness of a seaside setting

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

Cornwall shakes most often in the summer months. Tregenna Castle Resort is a luxury resort located on top of the village. It features an outdoor pool and a golf course as well as tennis courts and delicious seasonal meals.

Scotland – Highlands are a place of adrenaline-fueled love

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

If a pampering and relaxing romantic trip is not your thing, why not take a break with adventurous taste to lift your spirits? There are many activities to choose from north of the border. You can rent a bike and ride the Nevis Range Mountain Resort‘s best mountain biking trails, take a hike in canyoning, or just take the Ben Nevis Trail up to the top of the UK’s highest mountain. To avoid any navigational mishaps, it is a good idea to hire a day guide if you feel more comfortable with Ben riding under their guidance.

Ludlow – A view and food canyon in the “most beautiful” town in England

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

Although the old market town of Shropshire is small, it’s a vibrant place worth visiting for its talented chefs, dedication to local food, and beautiful scenery. Sir John Betjeman, a poet, described Ludlow as “probably the most beautiful place in England” and has categorized almost 500 buildings that will take you back in history. Open-air fairs are held four times per week. You’ll find great food all over the town.

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San Sebastian, the Spanish food capital – Gastronomic splendour

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

San Sebastian is the place to go if food is your passion. San Sebastian is known as the capital of European cuisine. It boasts more Michelin-starred restaurants per square km than any other city. You can still enjoy a memorable experience in the old town, eating pintxos (a small snack which is popular in the Basque Country). This coastal town is surrounded on the north by sandy beaches of the Bay of Biscay, and on the southern by mountains that are home to world-class fine art, architecture, and dining. Take a class in cooking to get your feet moving.

Zurich – Hot springs, high mountains and hedonism

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

You want to spend a weekend in one of the most luxurious hotsprings in Europe, drinking local wine and cheese, and watching people interact with you from the comfort of a bar. Zurich has everything you need. For a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, stay at the B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa.

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Verona – “If you love someone bring them to Verona!”

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

What could be more romantic than a visit to Romeo and Juliet’s stage? Valentine’s Day also features a Love Festival. Walk hand-in-hand through the Giardini del Gusto gardens, visit the pink palaces and cobbled streets, and make a wish in Pozzo Dell’Amore (the well for the Beloved). Verona is a city that exudes love and affection for lovers.

Ljubljana – A hidden gem of love

 10 Alternative Romantic Holidays for Adventurous Couples

Slovenia is a tiny country between Italy, Austria, and Croatia. Ljubljana is the capital and is the smallest capital in Europe. It’s easy to explore on foot, and it is rich in greenery and other local cultures.


Hope we helped you find that cool and romantic travel spot to spark your romance for each other and keep the love of flame alive!


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