10 Must-Visit Private Islands for a Luxurious Escape

Solitude and peace are almost a luxury these days. With the whole world getting noisier and nastier by the day, no one can blame you if you crave some privacy now and then.

Here are ten must-visit private islands where you can go on a luxurious escape and forget about the worries of the world.

1. COMO Parrot Cay

COMO Parrot Cay is an unbeatable luxury resort set on its very own private island with mile-long white sand beaches and 1,000 unspoiled acres. The island getaway offers genuine foot-in-the-sand luxury with top-of-the-line service, diving, yoga, world-class cuisine, and holistic therapies.

2. Denis Private Island

The tropical hideaway Denis Private Island gives you a chance to experience island living’s barefoot luxury. The island is a must-visit for digital detox because of the absence of internet, mobile phone signals, and cable TV.

3. Indonesia’s Elang at Bawah Reserve

Elang is among the six tropical islands in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia that make up Bawah Reserve and is the perfect retreat if you need utmost privacy. Every lodge is equipped with a private butler service, amazing views of the ocean, and even individual access to the rocky coves of the island.

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4. W Maldives’s Gaathafushi

Gaathafushi has something different in store for its guests. As part of the exclusive resort W Maldives, you can hire the island for various experiences with guests who enjoy the privacy and seclusion of having the desert island all to themselves.

5. Panama’s Islas Seclas

Islas Seclas is an archipelago made up of 14 islands just off Panama’s coast. It’s among the most scenic locations where you can experience all the things that this country in Central America can offer. Only 18 guests at a time are accommodated here for the most private stay.

6. Laucala Island

10 Must-Visit Private Islands for a Luxurious Escape

The 25 traditional Fijian villas on Laucala Island provide unbeatable privacy and exclusivity in dramatic and diverse spots around the island’s northern coast. Breathtaking natural beauty serves as its backdrop, with verdant mountains, sand beaches, and coconut plantations.

7. British Virgin Islands’ Necker Island

10 Must-Visit Private Islands for a Luxurious Escape

Sir Richard Branson developed Necker Island into a grand resort with the determination to keep the beloved island free from the legal restrictions of the British Virgin Islands. It boasts buildings constructed with local stone and Bali’s Asian antiques.

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8. North Island

North Island is where you can experience authentic barefoot luxury. Only 22 handcrafted villas are found on the stunning island that overlooks the powdery white, pristine beaches and Ile du Nord eco-reserve’s turquoise waters in the Seychelles.

9. The Brando

The Brando is the distinct luxury resort on Tetiaroa’s stunning private island in French Polynesia. The atoll is made up of tiny islands that surround a sparkling lagoon, just 30 miles northeast of Tahiti. Carefree luxury greets guests amidst the pristine nature.

10. Maldives’ Velaa Private Island

10 Must-Visit Private Islands for a Luxurious Escape

Velaa Private Island remains undefeated as a special private island in the Maldives. The top priority here is service and privacy, with a stringent no-drone rule, a 1:8 guest-to-staff ratio, and designated butlers for each room, priding themselves on the ability to cater to small and big requests alike.


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