10 Reasons Why Costa Rica is One of the Best Destinations

The still pristine and most unexplored beauty of Costa Rica makes it one of the top places to visit, whether you are looking for luxurious hotels, good food, family-friendly activities, or adventure.

The wonderful country abounds with biodiverse wildlife, river valleys, beaches, and rainforests, as well as deluxe hotels, restaurants, and bars. If you are planning a getaway soon, here are the top 10 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best destinations today:

1. A Climate Perfect for Everyone

Costa Rica has a pleasant climate all year due to its ideal location just 10 degrees north of the equator. The country has an average annual temperature of 12° and 27° Celsius.

10 Reasons Why Costa Rica is One of the Best Destinations

Costa Rica also has two seasons: the dry season, or summer, and the green season, or the rainy season. When the Pacific Coast is rainiest from September to November, the country’s Caribbean side becomes the driest.

No matter when you choose to visit, you can be sure that perfect weather will welcome you in one place or another in Costa Rica.

2. An Enviable Adventure Tourism

Costa Rica is the ultimate mecca of great opportunities for outdoor activities thanks to its selection of beautiful grass savannas, wetlands, cloud forests, hot springs, rushing rivers, mountains, volcanoes, rainforests, and beaches.

It is not common to find a lot of things to do in such a small area, but Costa Rica has got you covered. Since the government always ensures the safety of its visitors, tourists can expect the tour providers to look after their well-being every step of the way.

3. Biodiverse Nature and Wildlife

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The unmatched dedication of Costa Rica to the conservation of nature is probably the biggest draw to this destination. In 1970, the government established the National Park System after realizing that it was more beneficial to preserve than exploit the country’s natural resources.

The natural wealth of protected areas in Costa Rica now covers over 25% of the marine and land territory of the country. There are more than 160 official protected areas made up of reserves, wildlife refuges, and national parks.

4. Exciting Road Trips

Road trips in Costa Rica are the ideal way to experience and see everything the country has to offer. The country has its share of off-the-beaten-track destinations that you can explore by car if you are looking for a new way to discover unknown sights and attractions.

5. A Well-Designed Ecotourism

The government of Costa Rica is not the only one who is into environmental conservation, because the locals also feel the same way. Costa Ricans love and take pride in their country’s bountiful nature. As a result, they always do their best to preserve their natural resources.

Visitors to Costa Rica can choose from hundreds of ecologically oriented resorts, lodges, and hotels. Costa Rica has it all, from world-class resorts overlooking gorgeous white sand beaches to remote jungle lodges tucked away deep in the rainforests.

6. National Parks

There is a huge national park system in Costa Rica that includes marine territories filled with marine life. Visitors can explore the natural wealth of the country every time they visit these parks. Most destinations also offer licensed naturalist guides and expert trail systems all year round.

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Most of the protected areas of Costa Rica require a minimal entrance fee. These funds are used to maintain the trails and protect the abundant fauna and flora. Don’t be deceived by the country’s small size; its national parks protect nearly 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

It is also where you can exclusively find several species of plants and animals. Visiting Costa Rica will also make you realize why the country is the world’s hummingbird capital.

7. No Army in Costa Rica

The army of Costa Rica was abolished after a bloody civil war in 1948. Under the rule of President José Figueres Ferrer, the Costa Rican government dedicated the military spending funds to strengthening and improving the healthcare, social security, and education of the citizens of the country.

This courageous and bold move has made the country one of the strongest defenders of human rights and democracies in the region.

8.  Whales and Sea Turtles

The protected beaches and nutrient-rich, warm waters of Costa Rica are the seasonal migration destinations of many marine animals, specifically sea turtles and whales. 

Humpback whales are among the most prolific species of whales that visit the coastline. They travel from southern and northern climates to escape the winter’s cold waters to breed and raise their young. The amazing sea creatures arrive in greater numbers along the Central American coasts than along the Pacific.

Some sea turtle species also visit Costa Rica’s beaches all year. They lay their eggs on the warm sands. Among the different turtle species are the Kemp’s and Olive Ridleys, the giant Leatherbacks, Pacific Greens, Hawksbills, and Loggerheads.

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Since some of these species are already endangered, the country’s Ministry of Environment and Energy takes great measures to guarantee their protection.

9. Wellness Resorts and Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica is also home to world-class wellness resorts and yoga retreats. Through the years, an increasing number of tourists from different parts of the world have come to rejuvenate their souls and bodies in the country.

The perfect combination of healthy farm-to-table meals, gorgeous natural surroundings, and great weather make Costa Rica the perfect destination for a vacation to regain your health and well-being.

10. It is the World’s Happiest Country 

The people of Costa Rica are renowned for being welcoming and warm. Despite the relatively low per capita income and the small size of the country, Costa Ricans are found to have a longer life and a higher level of well-being compared to citizens of some more developed countries, such as the USA. This is probably due to how the country promotes a better quality of life and close bonds with family and friends.

Let these reasons convince you to visit Costa Rica soon!


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