10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

It is time to move Italy to the top of your bucket list of places to see if you have dreams of Italian pizza, Fiat 500 riding, and beachside tranquility. There is something for everyone in this beautiful country. Travelers have been flocking to Italy for years, and that’s no surprise. Italy is one of the most beautiful European countries, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best reasons for you to visit and enjoy your vacation.

Top 10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List

Sandy Beaches Surround Italy

It is impossible to be too far away from the sea in Italy, as it has more than 5,000 miles of coastline. The only landlocked city in Italy is Umbria. You can choose the beach in Italy that suits your style since all Italian beaches have something unique to offer. The Tuscany region is wild and empty, whereas the Cinque Terre region is crowded with picturesque coves. In Puglia (near Venice), at the bottom of the country, you can enjoy the clear blue waters of the Lido beach.

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

There is a beach for every mood and season, so you will never run out of choices. There are over 500 beaches on Sardinia alone, for example. Italy will have beach clubs offering umbrellas, loungers, as well as restaurants where you can have lunch along the shoreline (another thing HFFH is eager to try). In addition, the country has a mild climate, especially to the south.

It Is A Country Rich In History In Every Corner

Italy has a millennia-old history. Once you set foot on Italian soil, you will notice its culture and ancient history. The ancient cities of Rome and Florence display signs of a wealthy ancient empire. You can learn about the Middle Ages when you visit smaller cities like Florence. In addition to visiting Perugia, Venice, Bracciano, and Viterbo, you will also see remains of the Middle Ages. If you are interested in seeing the Nuraghe stone towers from the Bronze Age, and the ancient villages of Sardinia, you should also visit Sardinia’s town.

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

Italian unification is roughly 50 years old, but you can still find out about the diversity of small states and kingdoms that it was made up of, since its history has not been completely erased yet. The Italian language is the same throughout the country, but each region has its cuisine, tradition, dialect, culture, and of course, history. Our next point is also a primary reason (well, that and the fact that Italy has an incredibly rich cultural heritage).

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Authentic Italian Food

You should visit Italy for its food alone if you only need one reason. The food is popular with tourists from around the globe for a good reason. There are Italian restaurants everywhere, serving Italian specialties. Region after region, you will find new ingredients and new recipes. 

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

We recommend Pecorino or Fossa cheese, Gorgonzola or Taleggio, Asiago or Provolone. In addition to local food and Italian foods made by the best and most renowned restaurateurs, city streets and local villas should be your first destination if you are a pasta and pizza lover. If you’ll be renting an apartment during your stay, don’t worry about cooking your Italian creations with fresh ingredients from the local supermarket if you wish to get a varied taste of Italian food. 

Architecture And Art Leave Rich Legacy

Art and architecture in Italy are among the richest in the world. Many people are attracted to the country because of this aspect. The Romanesque architecture and artifacts will delight you. As with every epoch, Italy has its admirers and treasures, and it is well known for its engineers, artists, and inventors. There are art pieces on every corner in Italy, as well as many museums. When in Florence, explore the Colosseum, Positano’s picturesque tiered houses, and David. Rome’s Villa Doria Pamphili is also home to some spectacular family collections.

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

Dramatic Landscapes

It is no secret that Italy is known as one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. In the northern parts of Italy, you can enjoy picturesque views of the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites, which contrast with the orange groves of the southern part of the country. Additionally, you can see vineyards in Tuscany, and Lazio as well as ravine-cut lands in Basilicata. Among Italy’s treasures are its breathtaking lakes. 

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10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

If you’re looking for some of the best views in Italy, head to Braies and Misurina. Don’t miss some of the most popular lakes in Italy, such as Garda and Como. Among the lakes known for their volcanic origins are Bolsena, Vico, Bracciano, and Albano, in central Italy.

The Country Is Home To Several Unesco World Heritage Sites

UNESCO has listed more than 50 of Italy’s sites as part of its World Heritage program. The list includes historical centres such as Florence,Siena, Pienza, Positano, and Vietri. Visit Agrigento and Paestum to see ancient temple ruins and Mount Etna (still on the HFFH list) for an amazing view of the active volcano.

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

Italy Is A Global Trendsetter

Europe and the entire world look to Italy as a trendsetter. Fashion is king in the city and shopping is excellent. Italian businesses thrive, not only because of top brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci but also because of the Golden Visa Italy program, a two-year visa available to citizens who are committed to investing heavily or donating to the country. A visa is ideal for startups and companies based in Italy or incorporated at a company based in Italy, so you can expect many international companies to come to Italy when you visit in 2021.

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

Experience Island Life

Over 400 islands exist in Italy, including one in Rome. With their unique cuisines, landscapes, and languages, Sicily, Elba, and Sardinia are like independent countries. As an example, the Egadi islands in Sicily are located to the west of the Aeolian islands, and the Aeolian islands to the east. Enjoy a night of dancing on the exotic island of Capri (near Rome, Florence, and Naples), where the world-famous Caprese salad makes its origins. 

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

If you are visiting the Cinque Terre, be sure to explore the thermal baths on the island of Ischia, as well as hiking on Palmaria, which is near the Cinque Terre towns. You’ll find plenty to do on the island.

Friendly Residents

Italy is one of the top countries in the world that most people visit because you get that feeling of being home away from home there (even for a few homeless nomads like HFFH). No matter what Italian city you visit, residents are friendly, making visitors feel welcome. If you know a few Italian words in advance, you can learn some new words and make new friends, whether it’s at your Airbnb or the local market.

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Cultural Events And Festivals

The final reason Italy should be on the top of your travel list is its cultural events and festivals. During the current pandemic ban, you can still enjoy incredible cultural events and festivals in Italy (but make sure to keep an eye on the news to ensure they are still on).  The Carnival of Venice is a festival no one should miss (and one of the highest on HFFH’s list). Every year, more than three million people gather for the event, adorned with traditional masks and elegant outfits. 

10 Reasons Why Italy Should Be On Top Of Your Travel List | Black Platinum Gold

The towns of Siena and Sardinia also host several attritional horse races, so if you’re interested, check them out.  Italy has a lot of festivals, and every city celebrates them differently, so you can’t go wrong whether you’re going for horse racing or carnivals. A dazzling affair is Italy’s annual religious festivals as well as its many food festivals, which celebrate specific ingredients or dishes. However, you should check ahead to see if anything has been canceled due to COVID-19.

The Bottom Line

Rich in culture and breathtakingly beautiful, Italy abounds with treasures. Don’t even think about going anywhere else if you’re able to enter this magical country despite travel bans. We can guarantee you a wonderful time in Italy regardless of when you go, from vineyards and beaches to festivals and natural vistas.


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