10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

The sun-soaked capital of the Andalucia province of Spain, Seville, is popular for its Moorish history, flamenco dancing, and tapas that are like the blood running through the veins of the city. 

If you are planning to visit this lovely capital, here are 10 things not to miss in Seville. 

1. Alcazar of Seville

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

The Alcazar is one of Seville’s most recognizable spots. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that forms part of a Royal Palace that the Spanish royal family continues to use to this day. The upper-level houses gorgeous staterooms, halls, and private rooms. 

2. Cathedral of Seville

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

The massive Seville Cathedral is the world’s biggest Gothic Cathedral and is another UNESCO World Heritage site. It now serves as a Catholic Cathedral and its unique architecture reflects its interesting mixed history. 

3. Tomb of Christopher Columbus

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

Christopher Columbus is no doubt one of those people who have played a significant role in the history of the world. You can find his tomb, or what is believed to be Columbus’ tomb after the retrieval of his remains from New World, in the Cathedral of Seville. 

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4. Plaza de Espana Square

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

Some people consider Plaza de Espana Square as the most beautiful place in Seville and is literally the biggest attraction of Maria Luisa Park measuring 50,000 square meters. It is constructed in a semicircle form with arcades surrounding it with the opened portion facing the 500-meter-long canal. 

5. Giralda Tower

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

Probably one of the most popular and hard-to-miss symbols of Seville, Giralda Tower sits right beside the cathedral. But take note that there are no stairs here so if you want to reach the top, be ready to trek up 34 ramps. 

6. Parque de Maria Luisa

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

If you are tired after all the sightseeing around Seville, Parque de Maria Luisa has winding paths perfect for a relaxing walk and shady corners to give you a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

7. Kayaking on River Guadalquivir

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

Spain’s second-longest river, River Guadalquivir is also the only navigable river in the country. This is where you can go if you are looking for a kayaking experience. Paddling down the river also gives you an interesting tour of attractions on the riverside. 

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8. Space Metropol Parasol

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

La Encarnación square’s Space Metropol Parasol opened recently and is one of the coolest and newest things to see in Seville. Don’t miss the chance to stroll around the upper levels to have a unique way of viewing the city. 

9. Barrio Santa Cruz

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

The Barrio Santa Cruz is an interesting maze of narrow medieval alleyways and streets. The neighborhood is the historic Jewish Quarter of Seville dotted with shops that sell everything from art, clothes, and Tapas bars that serve drinks and food all day long. 

10. Taste Tapas at Seville’s Oldest Bar 

10 Things Not to Miss in Seville

Your Seville trip will never be complete if you don’t taste their tapas. If you want real authentic tapas, make sure you grab a bite at El Rinconcillo, the city’s oldest tapas bar that originally opened as a tavern in 1670.

Never miss these 10 things during your Seville visit to have the most unforgettable getaway! 

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