10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

1. Travel to an underdeveloped location 

There’s an indescribable vibe when people have less and they seem to appreciate it more. There’s a certain peace that comes from visiting a place where people aren’t scrambling for the latest technological gadget. The lifestyle is simpler. And it’s contagious. 

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

Traveling to a place where food, water, sanitation, and electricity are luxuries will help you appreciate how lucky you are. And there’ll often be many times when there is no peace, just restlessness and noise, that you’re now removed from. One day of just enjoying the quiet we’re so used to back home can lead us to better appreciate why we crave it to be gone. 

2. Travel on a luxury train

Imagine a hotel on wheels, where service is instant, the food is fresh, the lounge car has cocktails and the sleeping cars are cozy and private. Train trips are something of a rarity, and those that are available aren’t appealing in this manner. Modern chefs go all out, preparing a four-course meal with fresh ingredients served in the same luxury car the railway provides on its legendary journeys. 

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

The much-publicized Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian is one of a chain of luxury sleeper trains that oers four dierent routes. 

The slightly shorter Danube Express “Great Europe Express” allows you to get a tour of Europe in 11 days. 

3. Stay in an incredible castle

Great walls of heritage stone to lock out the world and stunning panoramic views of the shore are reason enough to get in on the ground destined-only-for-the sublime list. 

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

Hidden mysteries, priceless artwork by famous artists from all over the world and rare antiques… who wouldn’t want to see some of these when they embarked on their luxury travel trip. 

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4. Treat yourself to the care of a top hotel concierge

Staed with a full-service concierge for each individual guest (room, tours, and more), the concierge will help guide the most out of their time and create a vacation that reflects the exact individuality of each of the special people they meet.

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

They are also extremely well connected. Whether it be a step inside the secret doors of the Vatican after midnight throwing a private party in your own suite, to a high end Italian sports car guided tours or squeezing in a death defying trek up the K2 ice sheet, most high-end concierge will be there to help save time and resources for the memories and the status. 

5. Stay at some of the most stunning resorts in the world

Get lost in the tranquility and take in the privacy of window-walled villas which seem almost invisible to the world in incredibly lush abodes. 

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

Distinctively decorated with unique characteristics to each villa from priceless treasures and eclectic antiques, stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, France, Italy and Spain are sure to delight. Walk through gardens of organic vegetation or lounge at the private beach and secret coves. Pamper yourself at luxurious spa services fit for a queen or king. 

6. Enjoy private dining

Many special dining experiences in magnificent locations on private hidden islands, dining in villas perched on top of rocks, or a special chef’s table dining experience overlooking Venice.

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

Intertwined in intimate locations, great for romance to make it everlasting. If you’re looking for the most suitable place for that special private getaway, some resorts even have wine cellars built into the walls of one of the many spectacular villas from which they served their exquisite meals. 

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7. If you have a budget, hire a Private Plane Service

No waiting in line for the smaller planes, no nerve racking and rigid flight timetables, you can travel at your own pace.

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

Meet wonderful people along the way, fly interstate with rivers for aisle seating or take in the biggest, most untouched waterfalls in the middle of the jungle and the most deserted beaches in the middle of the ocean left untouched. What’s more is you could fly to your own private island! 

8. Get the ultimate on-water sailing experience

With concierges on hand to take care of everything, a deluxe yacht charter or rental makes for a great way to explore the coastline from start in epic style from pitching, yawing, or drifting along. Though expensive, it’s the only way to really enjoy some privacy while also enjoying the company of a breathtaking seascape. 

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

With champagne, yacht party help and supplies, you have everything you need to make the voyage an intimate and once-in-a-lifetime memory. 

9. Treat yourself to the world’s finest feasting

Michelin-starred rooms, incredible panoramic views, and remarkably elegant designs are stored within some of the greatest restaurants the world has to offer. 

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

The food–prepared by world-renowned chefs, sommeliers, and professional sta–is unquestionably amazing. But service plays as much of a role in a great meal as preparation does. You’ll notice on the surface of this that it’s not available in many local restaurants. Yet the typical person won’t bother to pay up what they consider necessary so for the upper crust they may be worth the special treatment dining in a resort gives they don’t normally have access to. 

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10. A luxury villa rental may be the best thing you could spend 

You will be pampered with the finest villas with the most scenic designs, from white sand beaches complete with white wicker furniture, swaying sea grape leaves, and a stand of monkey palms overhead for shade; to breezy beach-front resorts with wide balconies furnished with comfy basket armchairs where they can lounge and enjoy the surrounding scenery. Each and every one of the world’s greatest resort architects have been assigned to create something unique, leaving no detail unrevealed. 

10 Things That Should Be On Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

You are surrounded by world class luxury and comfort. Wherever you go, no matter where on the globe you decide to go, you will be met by the European trained professionals who will ensure that each and every whim and desire is catered for. They’ll ensure you are satisfied with any and every amenity provided. 


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