10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

Cliché as it may sound, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” And it rings truer than ever for visitors of the Eternal City. 

It doesn’t matter if you have been coming back to Rome through the years or you are visiting it for the first time, here are just 10 things you should absolutely do during your stay.  

1. Discover the Duality of Campo de’Fiori

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

Campo de’Fiori is Rome’s oldest market filled with fruits, vegetables, and flowers during the day and a vibrant bar and restaurant atmosphere after dark.

2. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Il Gelato di San Crispino

No trip to Rome will be complete if you don’t enjoy some gelato, with the best tasting ones available at Il Gelato di San Crispino. Flavors are seasonal to offer a delicious and new taste to visitors. 

3. Speak Only the Truth at La Bocca della Verita

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

The landmark which means “the mouth of truth” is found outside the Church of Santa Maria. According to the legend, the hand of a liar will be bitten off once they put it inside the mouth. 

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4. People Watch at Piazza Navona

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

This beautiful place is where you can find the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini and is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal with Tartufo ice cream for dessert. The piazza is also the perfect spot to watch people as they go about their lives. 

5. Be in Awe at Ponte Sant’Angelo

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

The gorgeous bridge that spans the Tiber is decorated by 10 picturesque angels that were also designed by Bernini. It doesn’t only offer tourists a breathtaking view of the water and the city but is also an amazing testament to the remarkable artist’s final work. 

6. Travel Down Memory Lane at Roman Forum

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

The Roman Forum located at the heart of the city is hard to miss. It contains most of the ancient temples and government buildings of Rome. 

7. Admire Artworks at The Capitoline

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

Twin palaces serve as the home to the Capitoline museums which make up the world’s oldest public art library. It was in 1734 when it first opened its doors to the public and let them view the collection of the famous works of Bernini, Veronese, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, and Titian. 

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8. Imagine the Battle of Gladiators at The Colosseum

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

The true epic witness of the bygone eras’ gladiatorial battles, the Colosseum dates as far back as 72 AD. This Flavian amphitheater was constructed to accommodate a massive audience of 50,000. History buffs should never miss out on visiting this historical location that has seen many grisly deaths. 

9. Marvel at The Pantheon

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

Built from 119 to 128 AD by Emperor Hadrian, the Pantheon is the epitome of marvelous architecture. This temple was originally established as a monument for the ancient deities. Today, it is the resting place for the first president of Italy and the artist Raphael. The building has retained its original bronze doors. 

10. Make a Wish at the Trevi Fountain

10 Things to Absolutely Do in Rome

Everyone will surely find something to love at the Trevi Fountain, whether it is to make a wish while tossing a coin or simply admiring its beauty. Tucked away in a small modest piazza, the gorgeous architecture and beautiful cascading are more than entrancing. 

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Enjoy Rome at its finest and feel like a Roman by doing these 10 things!


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