10 Tips for Your First Time at Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Event (also known as Coachella or the Coachella Festival) is a yearly music and arts festival that takes place in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley of the Colorado Desert.

Coachella is a well-known summer music event. Whether it’s your first year or you’ve attended previous festivals, expect heat, sweat, grime, and a good time. As enjoyable and thrilling as it may be to enjoy these days unfettered, you don’t wish to enter in ill prepared, particularly if it’s your first time!

Here are 10 unbeatable tips for your first time at Coachella

Consume Water

Staying hydrated is among the most vital Coachella recommendations! For first participant, it’s tempting to get wrapped up in the thrill and intensity of Coachella and neglect to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water helps keep you energetic and ready for the vacation getaway ahead.


Among the most important things you’ll have to do if you want to have the greatest experience at Coachella is to prepare, plan, plan! Furthermore, to get the utmost out of your music festival, investigate the Coachella schedule and artists, decide which ones you like seeing, and then create a simple timetable to ensure you can encounter all you need to and have your day flow as cleanly as expected.

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Wear sunblock

The brightness and mild temperatures are what make Coachella so enjoyable. But, for too many of our pals, a fantastic day one turned into a poor day two and three due to a severe sunburn.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Comfort is essential at Coachella. You’ll have to spend in a solid pair of attractive yet supportive shoes because you’ll be depending on your shoes all day strolling and standing.

Take a tiny flashlight with you

A little flashlight is not only necessary for Coachella campers, but it is also quite handy during the event. Fans of Coachella understand how simple it is to misplace your group of pals when strolling through the throng at night. If you possess a flashlight (ideally one that flashes), the head of your party can prop it up while marching through the throng to keep the remainder of the group from losing sight of him/her.

Brink a powerbank to keep your phone’s battery charged

It’s really inconvenient to be separated from your group of pals only to learn that your cell phone has died. In the event grounds, there are no power stations.

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Keep the medication

If you don’t want your allergic medication to be confused for illegal substances and seized by safety, leave it in the baggie. Worse, you’re apprehended by cops for attempting to carry narcotics into the event.

Food available on-site

Bring some cash. Several food trucks accept cash only, so skip spending time at ATMs. Bring only what you need to live.

You should not bring your own alcohol into the venue

It’d be terrifying to get kicked out of Coachella for bringing in a smuggled drink, especially if you were camping. Particularly if you’re travelling from another country. At the entrance, you will be inspected.

Be generous and considerate

The Coachella vibe is one of the finest aspects of the event, and you must participate in it.

Final Thoughts

Coachella… meeting companions, seeing favorite artists, resting and drinking in the Palm Springs region. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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The Coachella festival is a big point of conversation as many daydream of one day travelling to the California desert to party the rest of the night to their musical heroes and singers. So now you have it — ten recommendations for first-time Coachella attendees! We sincerely hope these ten suggestions help everyone have a successful (and enjoyable) Coachella music event experience. We hope you have a fantastic time at one of the world’s finest event!


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