11 Essential Travel Apps

Modern-day travelers can no longer go anywhere without their smartphones in tow. So why not use your device to the fullest by installing the following 10 essential travel apps? 

1. App in the Air

This app is super fun and functional as it lets you track where you have been across the globe, making it the perfect buddy for frequent fliers. All you have to do is connect your email and App in the Air to import all your flight details into a single list and make them accessible in just a matter of clicks. 

2. Duolingo

Duolingo can come in handy to help you learn basic and quick phrases in the native language of your chosen travel destination. The app has more than 30 different languages that will let you use travel downtime in cars, trains, and planes to brush up on a new local language. 

3. Find Friends 

This next app lets you share your location with friends so your screen will show their GPS tracking. It is super handy when traveling with a group to ensure that no one wanders off and gets lost.

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11 Essential Travel Apps

4. Black Platinum Gold

Your dream vacation is just a bid away with Black Platinum Gold! Find amazing stays across the globe with a very competitive starting bid. You’ll have access to an even more smarter spending thanks to BPG’s Loyalty Program!

5. Google Drive 

More than storing backups of your files, Google Drive is also the perfect place to store copies of your credit cards, passport, and other essential documents. This will let you access your information through the app if ever you lose your phone or laptop.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps helps you navigate your way around new destinations and save all the places you visited in one convenient platform, offering you a visual reference you can use during your trips. 

7. Google Translate

Google Translate is the app that will literally save you if you need to communicate with non-English speaking people. This way, you wouldn’t be at loss for words as you go and wander around a new area. 

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8. Instagram

You can use Instagram’s Save/Collections feature to categorize photos by destination. It lets you save places for your future trips even while on the go and remember all the special places you have visited after months or even years down the line.

9. Priority Pass

This app may just be your new best friend if you are a Priority Pass member. This helps you search for airport lounges across the globe that accept Priority Pass Card. You can also compare different lounges with their specific lists of amenities. 

10. Trail Wallet 

Trail Wallet is a budgeting app that can literally save your life. It not only calculates easy currency conversions but also lets you track your spending in an organized way to evaluate where your money goes and determine how you can redistribute and save your travel funds much better for your next trips. 

11. Uber

While Uber may not be available in all destinations across the globe, if you are visiting a big city or a popular tourist spot, this app will help you travel from one place to another reliably and conveniently. All you need is a smartphone, and you can get a ride with no need to walk to crowded places or hail a cab. 

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Install these essential travel apps today and make your next travel better than ever!


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