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5 Must-Have Luxury Home Amenities

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5 Must-Have Luxury Home Amenities - Home: since time began, this world represents a warm hug, a safe place to hide or simply to rest, after a never-ending day at work.  According to the collective imagination, home means safety, home represents our mum cooking, the smell of biscuits, a place to store memories, to store [...]

Heritage Line Anouvong – Luxury Mekong River Cruise in Laos

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Enter our auction and win a Luxury Mekong River Cruise in Cambodia – 5 days! View Auction Heritage Line Anouvong - Luxury Mekong River Cruise in Laos Heritage Line is a luxury cruise line which offers unforgettable and refined river voyages along Southeast Asia’s most [...]

Wellness in Norway: a Relaxing Wish-list

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Winter is over but we have not even noticed because of the global lockdown. It seems like we have been thrown straight to summertime and next winter appears extremely far away. We are frantically waiting for some restful days at the beach, sunbathing and listening to the sound of waves, or a deep plunge in the [...]

Coronavirus Crisis: Sicily (Italy) will pay for half of the airline tickets

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CORONAVIRUS CRISIS - Sicily (Italy) offers half of the airline ticket In Italy 13% of the GDP comes from tourism and the country is already planning ways to reboot the sector when lockdown ends on May 4: Sicily will pay half of the price of tourists' flights in a bid to lure back holidaymakers after the [...]

Um Paso em Portugal: the 3 best dishes to combine Algarve with good cuisine

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UM PASO EM PORTUGAL: THE 3 BEST DISHES TO COMBINE ALGARVE WITH GOOD CUISINE  - The spring started nearly one month ago, bringing good days and warmer temperatures with her. Like every year, when May is approaching, the world around us apparently becomes more pleasant, more perfumed, brighter, and glittered.  Usually, our mind links the [...]

Royal Kumari of Kathmandu: the strange life of Nepal’s Living Goddess

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ROYAL KUMARI OF KATHMANDU - Largely unknown to the outside world, Nepal's centuries-old institution of the child deity, the Kumari Devi, is deeply embedded in the culture of Kathmandu Valley. Young, beautiful and decorous, even a glimpse of her is believed to bring good fortune The Kumari is the only living goddess worshipped by both Hindus [...]

Summertime is approaching: Must-Have Clothes for Summer 2020

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“People say sometimes that Beauty is superficial. That may be so. But at least it is not so superficial as Thought is. To me, Beauty is the wonder of wonders. It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” Oscar Wilde [...]

Coronavirus: 96% of Global Destinations impose Travel Restrictions

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#TravelTomorrow: That's why in addition to a hashtag it is also a necessity! The 96% of all worldwide destinations have introduced travel restrictions! 96% of all worldwide destinations have introduced travel restrictions in response to the pandemic. Around 90 destinations have completely or partially closed their borders to tourists, while a further 44 are closed [...]

5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

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5 OF THE MOST EXTREME PLACES TO VISIT ON EARTH After many months on lockdown we might want a shake-up, something to make us feel awake and alive before going back to "normality" - which is something we lost the meaning of. So, instead of simply planning an holiday like many similar ones we've had [...]

3 Top-Rated Luxury Eco-Friendly Cars

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3 TOP-RATED LUXURY ECO-FRIENDLY CARS - Since that young teenager – known as Greta Thunberg – started her climate change protest, the world seems to have had a change of direction, and some brands were smart enough to turn the sustainability concerns into a real business. However, there are some fields – such as the [...]

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