2021 Top 5 summer destinations!, black platinum gold

Summer 2021 is coming and the bookings have started! After a year and a half where tourism has been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s finally back to “booking”!

According to Flight Data here are the five most ‘in demand’ summer destinations (for americans…):

Starting in Florida, passing through Las Vegas and Puerto Rico, and dreaming of Mexico! Here are the top 5 destinations for the summer of 2021 for Americans!

5 – 2021: Top 5 summer destinations: FLORIDA!!

Florida continues to trend in flight bookings this summer, as a domestic vacation that feels further flung. Orlando is Priceline’s top-booked and top-searched destination for 2021 summer travel, and Skyscanner ranks the Disney World air hub its sixth most-searched destination so far for summer 2021 travel dates.

4 – 2021: Top 5 summer destinations: PUERTO RICO!

If you’re dreaming of piña coladas in cobblestoned Old San Juan, you’re far from alone. Puerto Rico is the third most-booked destination for summer 2021, according to Priceline, with Orbitz naming it the most popular search destination for those living on the East Coast. Skyscanner data shows that interest in San Juan has spiked compared to 2019, moving the island from the 28th-most booked U.S. summer destination to the 9th overall for summer 2021. 

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3 –  2021: Top 5 summer destinations: HAWAII

Another domestic U.S. destination that seems to be surging due to its far-off feel, two of Hawaii’s tropical islands are among Priceline’s 15 most booked destinations for summer 2021, with Oahu and Maui ranking 5th and 14th, respectively. Skyscanner data shows Honolulu has jumped up four spots from its 2019 rank as the 12th most-searched summer destination, now holding at the 8th most popular for 2021.

2 – 2021: Top 5 summer destinations: LAS VEGAS

Ready to get back to entertainment and fine dining in Sin City? Travel deals to Las Vegas from major air travel hubs have plenty of travelers opting to kick off their return to travel in Las Vegas, the second most-booked summer destination on Priceline this year and the second-most searched Memorial Day weekend destination on Skyscanner.

1 – 2021: Top 5 summer destinations: MEXICO!!

With many international destinations closed to Americans or logistically difficult to visit amid the pandemic, Mexico is sure to continue its popularity as a close-to-home international getaway. Popular resort towns like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun are projected to remain popular for travelers from the West Coast throughout summer, according to Orbitz, and Cancun ranks as the sixth most popular summer destination on Priceline.

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2021 Top 5 summer destinations!, black platinum gold


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