3 Days of Magic in Gstaad

Have you always dreamed of traveling off the beaten track? Then, Gstaad is the best place to be! Gstaad is where you can experience for yourself the “real” Switzerland at its finest as you immerse in Swiss cultural heritage.

If you want to avoid the crowded tourist trails, Gstaad is where you can discover the true heart of Switzerland for a trip to remember for the rest of your life!

Here is a short 3-day Gstaad itinerary to give you some idea of what to do and where to go during your trip:

1st Day: Start Your Gstaad Exploration

On day 1, it’s best to take it slow first. Enjoy a delish breakfast and tour around the world-renowned village of Gstaad filled with its stunning chalets, luxury boutiques, and world-class restaurants. A car ride or an easy walk will take you to the less popular but equally enchanting village of Saanen. 

3 Days of Magic in Gstaad

When afternoon comes, it’s time for one of the most unforgettable experiences: go for a dog-sled ride that will take you through the tranquil winter wonderland. Get to meet the adorable dogs that will lead the way and watch them prepare to set off on a picturesque adventure through the mountainous landscape. 

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2nd Day: Experience Local Customs and Traditions

Day 2 is all about learning more about the region’s local traditions, honing new skills, and listening to the stories straight from the local artisans who grew in the area. Head over to the scenic region of Gruyères popularly known for the medieval village that you can explore along the way.

3 Days of Magic in Gstaad

Grab a delicious lunch in the lovely typical Swiss restaurant and meet a passionate cheesemaker from whom you will learn about the local custom’s traditional methods. Of course, your Switzerland trip will never be complete if you don’t indulge in some Swiss chocolates. If you like, you can even attend a private workshop with a gifted chocolate maker!

3rd Day: Fall in Love with Winter Wonderland 

For this day, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the winter wonderful right amid the highest summits of Switzerland at Glacier 3000. But this iconic destination has a secret side that is just waiting for you to discover.

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3 Days of Magic in Gstaad

Embark on your trip to the mountains in the morning and hop into the cable car that will then take you straight to the peak. Once you get there, you will experience the world’s longest peak-to-peak suspension bridge before you head over to the very special remote restaurant. Here, you can bask in the magnificent views of the lush mountains as you sample all the mouthwatering local delicacies. 

But the fun won’t just stop there. In the afternoon, slide down on one of Switzerland’s longest sled runs. Afterward, grab some dinner in a delish Swiss restaurant that you can easily reach by riding a snowmobile. 

There is more to the magical Gstaad than these activities you can do during your three days of stay. So, how does a Swiss vacation sound? 


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