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The best holiday destinations for 2021: Our list of the best places to go in 2021 range from beloved destinations to lesser-explored locales – by Black Platinum Gold.

1 – South Africa

South Africa has always been popular for its superb wildlife and vibrant restaurant scene but exchange rates make it particularly favourable to visit right now. If you’re looking to see the Big Five – buffalos, elephants, leopards, lions and rhino, then you stand a good chance on a safari here.

2 – Cuba

This  island is one of the most atmospheric in the Caribbean. Cuba is famous for its pastel streets and vintage cars but its lush mountain landscapes and abundant wildlife are equally impressive.

3 – Bermuda

This island in the Saragossa Sea is well known for the famous shorts and also for its world-class golfing and stunning pink sand beaches. Although you might think that it’s in the Caribbean, it’s actually part of British North America.

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4 – Maldives

There are concerns that The Maldives may be sinking due to climate change and that many of the islands will vanish within a number of years. Many of the islands are less than 1 or 2 meters above sea level and the soft soil is another contributing factor to the erosion of the land.

5 – Japan

With ANA’s new direct flights from Chicago and New York to Haneda, it’s much easier to reach Tokyo. There’s also a new bullet train from Tokyo to Hokkaido, making the North of Japan much more accessible.

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5 best Luxury Destinations worldwide for 2021, auctions luxury travel


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