The COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered as a world-changing event, like the 2008 global financial crisis, which will accelerate changes that would have otherwise taken years to apply. We suddenly found ourselves forced to think out of the box, innovate and adapt to a new reality.

The natural consequence will be the resilience of all the steps taken. Here are five predictions of what will change in our world once we would have left the coronavirus pandemic behind us:

1 – Remote work will become the default

People suddenly forced to work from home will find out that they actually prefer the new productivity, the spare of commute and the great flexibility of time.

Remote work technology will improve, allowing us to schedule online the majority of those meetings that we thought to require handshaking, and this will cause a consistent downturn for commercial real estate, as companies will cut the size of their workspaces.

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2 – Telemedicine

Suddenly we started to receive emails from healthcare professionals inviting people not to go in person (unless necessary) and have a virtual consultation instead.

Now many are implementing or reminding their patients that consultations can be done through video. Rather than rush to the doctor or healthcare center, increasing traffic and gatherings, remote care enables clinical services without an in-person visit. Some healthcare providers were already doing this before COVID-19, but the interest has obviously increased now that social distancing is mandated in many areas.

3 – More Online Shopping

Although online shopping was already extra-common, COVID-19 forced the majority of shopping moved online.

Businesses who still didn’t have an e-commerce or online options faced bankruptcy, and those who did tried to ramp up offerings. After COVID-19 pandemic, businesses know now more than ever that, in order to be competitive, online services are crucial.

4 – More Digital Events

Organizers and attendants of in-person local and global events were suddenly forced to switch to digital or, alternatively, simply being cancelled.

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That said, obviously in-person events will never be replaced by virtual ones, however event organizers will be more prepared on all the digital aspects. This will eventually bring to some sort of “hybrid events”, to be attended in person and delivered digitally.

5 – Increased Reliance on Robots

A simple truth: robots aren’t susceptible to viruses.

They can be used to deliver groceries, to take vitals in a healthcare system, to keep a factory running and so much more. Businesses and companies  realized how robots could support us during this time of uncertainty and play an important role in a post-COVID-19 world, or even during a future pandemic.


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