The Power of Fashion Accessories: Wearing a Hat is a Timeless Classy Touch

Home: since time began, this world represents a warm hug, a safe place to hide or simply to rest, after a never-ending day at work. 

According to the collective imagination, home means safety, home represents our mum cooking, the smell of biscuits, a place to store memories, to store old photos and look at them during a Sunday afternoon.

Home is a hot chocolate and marshmallows in front of a fireplace or an already-seen movie under a warm blanket; in few words: home is family. Even when we are by ourselves. And that’s why we want to make it the right one for us.

Each one of us has – at least once – entered in some of those soulless houses designed just for guests, houses to let stranger people get in, showing off beautiful furniture, taking care of public relations and formal work meetings. 

For this reason, today we are sharing with you five new trends that will give a unique and fashionable atmosphere to your home:

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Everyone knows the bag as an asset to fill with some useful objects and hang out for work, free time or general commitments.

For some decades, we used to find in the houses a rigid folder beside the couch as a storage of newspapers, journals or that sort of things.

Nowadays this habit seems to be back: we are referring to the homebag, called that way because of its shape: in fact, unlike the previous one, this new folder is bigger and bag-like and in several houses, it is turning into a very new trend.


Mixing modern and old style was a must for most interior designers: perhaps, the reason could be that the (usually) light colors of modern style enhance the (usually) darker one of old furniture. 

But in 2020, vintage became a specific trendy-touch in our houses: in fact, they have started to be crowded of sofas, big embroidered pillows, extra-upholstered poufs, big lamps in the corners, carved boards and chairs, and often vintage curtains, too, everything as a perfect recall of 60’s.

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3 – LAMP

Light has usually been considered an essential part of the furniture, as it were a particular feature becoming an original touch in every place. However, if during the past years the light has become colder, invisible and more and more minimal, today the lamp is taking over the living room, and the whole house, alongside the retrò mania we have mentioned above.


White or grey wall dominated most houses according to the modern style features. In 2020, wallpaper took back its own place, evolving and adapting to each kind of scenario.

Therefore, we could see either metallic and silver wallpaper fitting well with hi-tech furniture, or colored ones adapted to more whimsical atmosphere, but also other prints like a brick wall of an old inn or a dense foliage nature friendly.


Cicerone used to say that “A house without books is like a room with no windows”. 

Books are always related to culture, culture to history, and history to human beings: apparently, we could put a slice of our history in our own books, thus some of our personality, as a home should be. For this reason, library is supposed to be one of the most important part of the furniture. 


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