5 Must-Visit Museums in the UAE

The rich heritage and culture of the UAE are as impressive and notable as its current level of modernity. If you want to experience the delights of contemporary times while exploring the wonders of the past, the UAE is the best place to be.

The following are five must-visit museums in the UAE that you should check out the next time you are in the country:

1. Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum is the ultimate go-to place for all art enthusiasts and lovers. Aside from being one of the UAE’s most popular museums, it is also one of Abu Dhabi’s top attractions.

5 Must-Visit Museums in the UAE

The museum serves as home to 9,200 art exhibitions and galleries, including an array of masterpieces by numerous artists. The museum also exclusively brings loan pieces from acclaimed French museums, including the Centre Pompidou and Musee du Louvre.

Touring this museum is a great way to enrich your soul.

2. Dubai Coffee Museum

Coffee has always been part of the heritage of the Middle East for almost as long as the history of the drink itself. Located in the Al Fahidi Historical District of Dubai, this tribute to the consumption of coffee is dotted with various intriguing artifacts.

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5 Must-Visit Museums in the UAE

The museum showcases an extensive collection of antique items that illustrate both the international and regional culture and history of coffee. The ground floor of the Dubai Coffee Museum is also divided into several zones that reflect the traditions of different cultures of coffee drinking. Upstairs, you will find a literature room that displays coffee-related texts.

Of course, the best way to end this caffeine-fueled tour is to enjoy a sip right at the custom-built brew bar inside the museum.

3. Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future helped Dubai raise the benchmark for museums all over the world with its innovative and iconic design, guaranteed to leave you in complete awe.

The museum offers you a chance to witness the plans for the city through interactive movies made by professional technologists, visionary artists, and storytellers.

5 Must-Visit Museums in the UAE

They tackle various fields such as health, space travel, climate change, and more. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, this museum is the gateway to a better and brighter future.

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4. Sharjah Classic Car Museum

Head-turning cars are the hallmark of the UAE. No matter which emirate you are driving in, you will always see marvelous automobiles on the road.

For those who are big fans of vintage cars, nothing can beat the collection at the Sharjah Classic Car Museum. The museum has over 100 classic automobiles and motorcycles made during the early 20th century, the oldest of which dates as far back as 1915.

5 Must-Visit Museums in the UAE

However, one of the must-see displays here is the 1969 Mercedes-Benz Pullman Limousine that was custom-made for the ruler of Sharjah and is one of the only 2,000 pieces manufactured in the world.

5. Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum

Do you love animals and plants, and do you wish to learn more about their different species? Then, don’t miss the chance to visit the Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum.

5 Must-Visit Museums in the UAE

The museum will let you learn more details about the species and ecosystems on the Arabian Peninsula. It has a beautiful botanical garden that serves as the home to 100 native plant species.

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Visit these five must-visit museums in the UAE and discover more about this remarkable country.


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