5 of the Best Authentic Experiences in New Zealand

A New Zealand trip is a spectacular experience that many people dream of. From the entrancing landscapes to the friendly people and the long list of things and activities to try, New Zealand has got so many things to offer that make it a special country to visit and explore. 

But it seems like there is one problem, though. With all the places to see and experiences to try, you might have a hard time trying to decide what you should do first and where you should spend your precious time. 

Well, worry no more. This guide will make things easier for you! Here are five of the best authentic experiences in New Zealand that will guarantee the most unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

1. Discover Plants You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

5 of the Best Authentic Experiences in New Zealand

The country of New Zealand is known for its plethora of native plants that don’t exist anywhere else. For example, when the months turn warmer, the Christmas conifer of the country, called the Pohutukawa, colours the entire landscape in its vibrant red hue. It is the best way to kickstart the warm summer season!

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2. Get a First-Hand Experience of Maori Culture

5 of the Best Authentic Experiences in New Zealand

New Zealand has made it a point to protect the indigenous Maori customs and culture in an exemplary way that amazes the rest of the world. Aside from seeing different examples of the traditions and language embedded in day-to-day life, visitors to New Zealand can also get the chance to take part in different exciting encounters, including historic showcases, performances, and even a hangi feast!

3. Feel That Adrenaline Rush in Queenstown 

5 of the Best Authentic Experiences in New Zealand

Fittingly called the adventure capital of New Zealand, there is no denying that Queenstown is the best place to visit if you want or need to get that adrenaline fix. Its claim to global fame includes serving as the home to the very first commercial bunging jumping operations in the world. it also has the largest rope swing on the planet all the while being surrounded by countless impressive ski fields. 

4. Live Like a Hobbit for a Day 

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5 of the Best Authentic Experiences in New Zealand

Are you a big fan of everything Tolkien? If yes, then, don’t miss the chance to visit Hobbiton for a once-in-a-lifetime treat! The set of the film has been carefully preserved to resemble a real-life Hobbit village. You won’t have a hard time getting there because it is only a short distance away from the main centers including Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua. 

5. Be Up Close and Personal with Some of the Rarest Wildlife of the World

5 of the Best Authentic Experiences in New Zealand

Aside from the selection of plants, New Zealand is also home to a plethora of reptiles, insects, marine mammals, and birds that exclusively live in the country. Are you ready to catch sight of the rare Yellow-Eyed Penguin? How about getting a glimpse of the endangered Hector’s Dolphin? There are lots of eco-friendly opportunities in the country that let you see and watch the native wildlife during your New Zealand trip. 

Which of these authentic New Zealand experiences do you look forward to the most?

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