5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

Whether it is intense weather conditions, grand natural features or isolated destinations, each of these 5 of the most extreme places on Earth will be a once-in-a-lifetime journey:


5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

No place on Earth compares to this vast white wilderness of elemental forces: snow, ice, water, rock. Antarctica is simply stunning.

Antarctica’s surreal remoteness, extreme cold, enormous ice shelves and mountain ranges, and myriad exotic life forms invariably challenge you to embrace life fully.

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5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

Singing sand dunes, water-sculpted canyons, boulders moving across the desert floor, extinct volcanic craters, palm-shaded oases, stark mountains rising to 11,000ft and plenty of endemic wildlife.

Death Valley National Park is a land of superlatives, holding the US records for hottest temperature (134°F/57°C), lowest point (Badwater, 282ft below sea level) and largest national park outside Alaska (more than 5000 sq miles).

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5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

Gansbaai’s unspoilt coastline is perfect for those wishing to explore more out-of-the-way Overberg nature spots. The town’s star has risen in recent years thanks to shark-cage diving, though most people just visit on a day trip from Cape Town.

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5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

Sitting in solitude in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, 2400km from anywhere and reachable only by boat, Tristan da Cunha is one of the world’s last destinations for the truly intrepid traveller.

Stepping back in time is a big part of travelling to Tristan. The challenge lies not in getting around the island but in getting there in the first place.

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5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

Salar de Uyuni is the champion of extremes. Not only is it the world’s largest salt flat, but it is also the flattest place on Earth and, when the area is covered in clear water, the world’s largest mirror.

When the surface is dry, the salar is a pure white expanse of the greatest nothing imaginable – just blue sky, white ground and you. When there’s a little water, the surface perfectly reflects the clouds and the blue altiplano sky, and the horizon disappears. If you’re driving across the surface at such times, the effect is surreal;

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