7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

Did you know that you can move to a certain place and earn money once you do so?

Yes, you’ve read that right! There are indeed several cities, states, and even countries that will be more than glad to pay you once you move there.

Whether you are a seasoned expat yourself or you are a digital nomad embracing the newest norm of remote working, here are some of the top places that will pay you to move there.

Bentonville, Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas is now more than ripe for professionals searching for new job opportunities, with over 10,000 open positions, including those in the cities of Lowell, Springdale, Fayetteville, and Bentonville.

7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

The official home of Walmart, Bentonville is one of the state’s fastest-growing cities, with the Northwest Arkansas Council already investing $1 million to give incentives to those who will move to the area.

The council also offers $10,000, given in the form of either cryptocurrency or cash, to all remote workers who will relocate to the area as part of its Finding NWA program. Professionals will also receive a free bike to let them enjoy the beautiful outdoor recreation areas of the state.

To be qualified, you have to be 24 years of age or older and a full-time employee, even if you are self-employed. It is also required that you have already worked for a minimum of two years and be a resident outside of Arkansas.

You must also be willing to relocate to northwest Arkansas within six months of being accepted into the program. Applicants must also be qualified to work in the United States.

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New Haven, Connecticut

Have you always wanted to own a home but lacked the funds to do so? Then New Haven, Connecticut, may be the best place for you to visit. The city boasts 134,000 residents and is willing to give $10,000 to all first-time homeowners that they can use for closing or down payment costs.

7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

However, this isn’t where the deal ends. The city also willingly offers a 0% interest loan that will be forgiven at a rate of 20% per year and be fully forgiven after five years. But once you decide to sell your house within this timeframe, you have to either ask the new buyer to shoulder the remaining balance or repay it to the city yourself.

West Lafayette, Indiana

Purdue University, a school located in West Lafayette, Indiana, hopes that other people will also make their home in the city. Through the Work from Purdue program, the university gives professionals a chance to work remotely and reside in the Discovery Park District.

7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

Those who will relocate to the area through the program will earn stipends ranging from $1,000 up to $5,000. To be qualified for the program, you have to move to the area within six months after acceptance. Applicants also need to reside in the area for a minimum of one year. They also need to look for housing themselves.

Newton, Iowa

Once you purchase a house in Newton, Iowa, you may be qualified for a $10,000 welcome package called “Get to Know Newton.” You will be eligible for the deal if you buy a house priced at $190,000 or higher. You might still get some tax abatements if the value of the house you buy is lower than this amount.

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7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

The deal is exclusively available for houses built starting in 2023 and will be provided during closing. You must prove the value of the home through an assessment or appraisal to receive the $10,000. The property shouldn’t be a rental, either.

Lincoln, Kansas

Lincoln is among the smallest towns on this list of the best places that will pay you to move there, with a population of only 3,000 residents. The low crime rate and low cost of living in the town make it sound like a very appealing alternative for many people who wish to leave behind the noisy life of the big city.

7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

But these are not the only things that await you in Lincoln. The town also offers new residents free lots ranging from 14,000 to 35,000 square feet. But the county outlines several limitations. Farm animals are not allowed.

There are also no grants available to help owners build on their land. Mobile homes are not allowed, either, but you can transport a pre-manufactured or modular house to the site.

Topeka, Kansas

Topeka offers one of the biggest amounts on the list to entice more people to relocate to the area. The state capital is a part of Choose Topeka that attracts professionals to move there and work on-site for $10,000 if you rent or $15,000 if you buy a house.

7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

Remote workers can earn $10,000 if they purchase a home or $5,000 if they rent one. To be qualified for this, you have to move and buy or rent a house in Topeka within a year of the offer. You have to check with your employer to know if you are eligible for the incentive.

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Bemidji, Minnesota

Bemidji, Minnesota, is in north central Minnesota, far away from almost everything. However, it doesn’t stop the place from turning into a zoom town, and now it tries its best to entice more residents. With a population of almost 15,000 residents, Bemidji’s Greater Bemidji 218 Relocate Incentive Package is available to telecommuters searching for something new.

7 Places in the US That Will Pay You to Move There

This package includes a maximum of $2,500 that covers moving expenses, a free membership to networking and community programs, and a free one-year membership to a local co-working space.

You will be qualified for the program if you are already employed as a full-time telecommuter and live a minimum of 60 miles from the town. You should also be a full-time Bemidji resident and must show your experience as a telecommuter.

These are only some of the top places that will pay you to move there. Other areas that you might want to look into include North Platte in Nebraska, Tulsa in Oklahoma, and Morgantown in West Virginia.


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