8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

The mere mention of Japan conjures images of cherry blossoms and snow-capped mountains. The unique landscape, stunning history and culture, memorable experiences, and delectable cuisine make the country a favorite among couples. 

Here are eight of the most romantic places in Japan that will add a spark and ignite your life:

1. Hakone

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

Hakone is a beautiful town that is the perfect representation of traditional Ryokan civilization. There are several gorgeous spa resorts in the area that offer majestic views of the mountain, especially if you go for a cable car ride. 

2. Hokkaido

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

Hokkaido serves as the home to volcanic landscapes, vast wilderness, and mountains. Unleash the child in you and your partner and join the Sapporo Snow Festival. Enjoy spending time amidst the wonderland of snow sculptures and try your hands at building snow sculptures. 

3. Mt. Fuji

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

No list of Japan’s most romantic places will ever be complete without mentioning the majestic Mount Fuji. This renowned mountain, fondly called Fuji-san, is one of the most iconic sights of the country that also serves as the most romantic backdrop for couple photos. 

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One of the ideal vantage points from the mountain is Fuji Five Lakes. The picture-perfect and beautiful Chureito Pagoda is also a great place to view Mount Fuji. 

4. Okinawa

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

Okinawa is undoubtedly one of Japan’s most romantic spots famous for its unique culture and tropical paradise that serves as the home to some of the country’s amazing beaches. 

You and your partner can enjoy having sun-kissed skin while sipping some cocktails and basking in the romantic views of Okinawa’s sandy white beaches and crystal-clear blue water. 

5. Shirakawa-go

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

A winter wonderland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirakawa-go is special for newlyweds in particular because of its incredibly romantic and strong aesthetic. Karuizawa is another famous honeymoon spot in Shirakawa-go. 

You can also take time to visit Hida-Takayama, the remote mountain town popular for its quaint and historic nature. Its winter wonderland is the perfect destination for couples who love snowfall. 

6. Todai-Ji Temple, Nara

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

Romantics never miss out on the beautiful destination of Nara. Popular for its historic temples and the deer roaming freely in the city parks, the small town nestled in the Kansai Region offers the best day trip from Osaka or Kyoto via the JR Nara line. 

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7. Tokyo

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

If you dream of taking your special someone on a special romantic date with unforgettable moments, why not charter a helicopter ride over Tokyo? 

The world-class flood and five-star hotels of Tokyo make it one of Japan’s most romantic destinations, offering plenty of things to do and see for newlyweds. 

8. Wakayama Prefecture

8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan

A lovely region no matter the time of the year, Wakayama Prefecture is waiting for you and your special someone to explore with its hidden shrines, waterfalls, and pine forests. You can go for a swim in the river right in front of a ryokan with enticing hot spring water bubbles. 

Visit these spots and have the most romantic Japan getaway!


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