8 Ways to Get Paid to Travel The World

Have you ever wondered about traveling the whole world and getting paid for it? 

Back in the day, people save up to explore what the world has to offer. Today, things have changed. Traveling the world can now be made into a well-paying career. 

Check out some of the best ways to get paid to travel the world:

Try Becoming an Au Pair 

If you are a fan of domestic work, why not try being an Au Pair? Host families offer free board and room to their foreign workers who then assist them with the children in exchange. 

Become an Influencer 

To be an influencer, all you have to do is amass a huge number of followers and you will be good to go. The influencer game works as simple as this. Restaurants, hotels, and more will provide either straight-up cash or free services in exchange for prime placement in the feed of a top influencer. 

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8 Ways to Get Paid to Travel The World

Be a Peace Corps Member

The United States Peace Corps now has volunteers in more than 60 countries. These volunteers are assigned to assist locals with almost everything from economic development to health to agriculture. However, just take note that this is something that requires commitment. 

Assignments in the Peace Corps last for 2 full years with 3 months of training. There are also shorter opportunities although these are only given to returning members and experienced professionals. 

Teach English 

There is currently a high demand for English teachers in almost all countries where this is not the native language. A TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification and a college degree are some of the qualifications for teaching English abroad. The good news is that the TEFL isn’t that difficult to secure. 

8 Ways to Get Paid to Travel The World

Travel Writing 

You can write for yourself like a blog that focuses on travel or an assignment that fills regular pieces with publications. If you have a knack for writing and you are an aspiring jetsetter as well, this is the ultimate career that can turn your dreams into reality. 

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Experience the Joys of WWOOFing 

WWOOF or Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms connects people from different parts of the world with the organic farms that want to host them and in exchange, they just need to do a bit of elbow grease. 

You simply need to sign with the specific WWOOF organization in your chosen country where you want to travel to and check out the available opportunities there. 

Fly High as a Flight Attendant 

While flight attendants need to spend some time before they get assigned to the much-coveted overseas flights, the moment you finally get it, the long layovers will give you the perfect opportunity to discover and explore many far-flung destinations. On top of that, airline employees can also take advantage of non-work-related flights. Now, that’s what you call a dream job!

Explore the Waters of the World on a Cruise Ship 

Floating cities, that’s the best way to describe cruise ships, and for this reason, they can use all the help they can get to do everything that makes cities run, from waiters to masseuses to retail gigs. Since most of these opportunities are entry-level, it is the perfect opportunity for those with limited experience. 

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Are you ready to explore the world and make money as you do so?


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