A year (2021) of tourist destinations according to Google
A year (2021) of tourist destinations according to Google
A year (2021) of tourist destinations according to Google

A year (2021) of tourist destinations according to Google – Italy wins in 2021!

Google: “This year, we accepted that the world as we knew it had been altered. We adapted to the idea of constant disruption and began taking slow, steady steps toward healing. And amid ceaseless changes, we kept searching. Google Search data provides insights into the changing priorities, cultural interests, and habits likely to last, helping marketers get ready for what comes next”.

Travelers in the world already miss wanting to vacation after being forced to #stayathome during the Corona virus pandemic. This is a list of the most searched post-quarantine vacation destination countries on Google.

10 – Australia

Tourist attractions in Australia are many and varied, because Australia, apart from being a country, is also a continent which has a very large area. The continent turns out to have a variety of interesting tourist attractions to visit.

9 – Japan

Before many countries began to actively create their various cultural properties as tourist attractions, Japan had done it much earlier. It is not surprising that the culture of Sakura Country, both traditional and contemporary, has been firmly attached to the minds of many people in the world.

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8 – Turkey

Turkey is now a tourist destination frequented by foreign tourists, the beauty of this country on the European continent is able to attract tourists. Lots of us find historical heritage sites that are still preserved in Turkey. So that when we visit Turkey, there are still many historical places that we can visit.

7 – Greece

Greece is widely known as a country that has historical mythology and as the birthplace of world philosophers. Apart from having historical relics, Greece is also known as a country that has the most beautiful tourist attractions. Call it Santorini, an island that is dense with whitewashed houses, a road that is like a hill, and directly faces the Aegean Sea, which attracts tourists.

6 – Canada

Canada is a large country that has a variety of interesting tourist attractions to visit. With an area of ​​more than 9 million squares, the natural scenery in Canada is breathtaking. From snow-filled rocky mountains to the legendary Niagara Falls, which has become a favorite destination for local to foreign tourists. No wonder, this country is also very popular as a world tourist destination.

5 – Spain

Among European countries, Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The choice for Spain makes our expenses, reduce because of the relatively cheap prices. The country is easily accessible by road, air and sea and has superb food and good weather most of the year.

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4 – Thailand

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years, Thailand has indeed been widely recognized by world travel lovers. Not only known in the Asian region, but the country which is nicknamed the “White Elephant” is also very popular in various other countries outside Asia. The number of tourists who come is certainly not in doubt, considering that this country does have a wide selection of promising tourist destinations to visit.

3 – Mexico

Who doesn’t know Mexico? Even though everyday people use Spanish in their communication. The location of this country is in North America, directly adjacent to the United States and Guatemala.

2 – Maldives

The Maldives, which is also called the Maldives Islands, is one of the most famous beautiful islands in the world. Lately, the Maldives (or Maldives) Islands have become really popular among travelers. White sand and clear blue sea make anyone drool immediately go there, Maldive offers a group of beautiful and virgin islands.

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1 – Italy

Travel from one country to another is the dream of many people. If you have the opportunity to have a vacation in Italy, then there are several cities that must be visited in Italy. This must-visit Italian city choice does have its own characteristics and there are more things to explore. You can find interesting things about Italy by coming in person.

Italy is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, but the country remains as charming as ever, according to Google search data, garnering nearly 2 million annual global searches to be precise 1,939,440, which is 140,000 higher than the second-placed Maldives.

A year (2021) of tourist destinations according to Google
A year (2021) of tourist destinations according to Google


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