Founded by former Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, luxury superyacht insider and passionate traveler Viola Palescandolo, Black Platinum Gold B.V. is a Media Company specialised in:

–  Digital Content Creation for Luxury Travel and Lifestyle

–  Global Influencer Marketing

–  Talent Agency

–  Luxury Travel Design

Digital Content Creation for Luxury Travel and Lifestyle

With significant experience in digital marketing, strategy and photography, together with real passion and creativity, Black Platinum Gold connects luxury brands and travel businesses with engaging customers.

Global Influencer Marketing

In addition to Black Platinum Gold’s own website and social media channels, selected KOL and digital influencers within the Luxury Travel and Lifestyle niche, represented by Black Platinum Gold as a Talent Agency, can be part of each strategy in order to reach an even more specific target.

Luxury Travel Design

Black Platinum Gold provides unique and exclusive bespoke journeys to sophisticated and discerning travellers, counting on a significant network of luxury properties, private guides, exotic destinations and one-of-a-kind experiences.

If you want to know more about Black Platinum Gold please write us an email:

Digital Content Creation Luxury Travel Lifestyle