Augmented reality Experiences That Travellers Will Love

Augmented reality has been taking the world by storm and just recently, it has also crept into the travel industry, bringing exciting changes and developments. 

Augmented reality or simply AR has been improving the world as it incorporates virtual environment elements into the real world. With the help of AR, even the most mundane experiences can become more exciting, proving how powerful this technology can be. This is the very reason why AR is the best addition to the travel industry. 

If you are a loud and proud passionate traveller, here are some of the best AR experiences you will surely love and appreciate, feeding the wanderlust in you: 

Flight Bookings

The first step to most trips is booking a flight, an experience that is not that thrilling in itself. But worry no more because augmented reality now makes it easier and more convenient for travellers to find the best flights using the most unique methods. AR allows travellers to take a quick look inside the flight before they decide to book their seats.

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Using your smartphone or tablet, it will be easy for you to check if there is adequate legroom available or if the flight has all the entertainment options you are looking for. Airbus already experimented with augmented reality ad introduced their app iflyA380. 

App in the Air is another interesting app that helps travellers explore different flight options and choose the right one that suits their travel needs. 

Navigate New Cities

Travellers who love exploring new and unfamiliar cities often plan their trips meticulously in advance. They read as much as possible about their destination before they head there. They look into the public transport available, common tourist traps, and the best attractions to see.

Augmented reality Experiences That Travellers Will Love

With AR apps serving as public transport guides, travellers no longer have to stress over each detail one by one. They can now get easy access to bus schedules, fares, and routes. This app will surely make you feel safer, especially during your solo travels. 

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The travel app Bus Times London is the best example of this. It uses your camera and AR to help you find your bus stop. It shows a digital path to the bus stop from your real-time position. 

Break Down Language Barriers

Finally, augmented reality also helps travellers overcome the main challenge of visiting a foreign country, none other than language barriers. You might try to learn one to two phrases and take a traveller’s guide. 

But even if you prepare a lot, you will still have a hard time ordering food at most restaurants. There are now advanced translation apps you can use to learn what is stated in the menu. But what if the characters look alien to you?

This is where AR comes in. All you have to do is point your phone’s camera at the text if you cannot understand the characters and let the app do the work for you. Google Lens is the best example of this technology, an image recognition technology powered by AI that translates and reads back foreign text to you. 

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These are just some of the best augmented reality experiences that travellers will love and enrich their trips in more ways than one!

Augmented reality Experiences That Travellers Will Love


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