Best Antarctic Cruises for Luxurious Adventure

Antarctica is home to incomparable juggernauts of adventurous experiences. More than a hundred years ago, the fittingly named white continent was dubbed the great unknown land of the planet. Fast forward to the present and Antarctica is unknown no more. 

People find themselves enticed by this magnificently uncultivated polar desert, thus paving the way for the rise of cruises to explore the area and bask their senses first-hand in the experiences that only Antarctica can offer.

If the call of the wild is too strong for you, here are some of the best Antarctica cruises for luxurious adventure to the ends of the earth!

Best Antarctic Cruises for Luxurious Adventure

Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions is under Australian ownership and loves to pioneer. Cruising to Antarctica since 1992, it is the first operator to introduce kayaking and ice camping with mounted expeditions to climb mountains and retrace the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton.

Its two modern vessels, Sylvia Earle and Greg Mortimer, boast an innovative X-BOW design to ensure a smoother and more fuel-efficient cruise. The sea-level platforms also guarantee a quick launch of the Zodiacs, which is critical for shore excursions.

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Additional adventures include ski touring and diving, while other itineraries also include crossings of the Antarctic Circle.

Best Antarctic Cruises for Luxurious Adventure

EYOS Expeditions

The specialties of EYOS Expeditions are superyacht cruises to some of the most remote destinations in the world with guaranteed luxury and safety. It focuses on intimate and immersive experiences and uses chartered vessels, including the 74-meter Legend and the 47-meter Hanse Explorer.

What pleases guests determines where voyages go with flexibility at its core, which is a valuable asset considering the far south’s fickle and sometimes severe weather conditions.


The exceptional Scenic Eclipse will make you feel right at home with its superlative focus on comfort and style. Launched in 2019, Scenic Eclipse carries a submarine and two helicopters that all have enough room for six passengers.

Confidently combining a six-star hotel’s grandeur with a superyacht’s glamour, the small ship features suites complete with butler service and a private balcony. There are also facilities including top-deck plunge pools, ten dining venues, a yoga studio, and a spa.

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Best Antarctic Cruises for Luxurious Adventure


Seabourn Quest offers Antarctic cruises as well as the latest Seabourn Venture, an ultra-luxury expedition ship launching in mid-2022. Seabourn Venture is equipped with lavish suites that all have a private veranda and even thoughtful touches like a heated wardrobe to help dry expedition gear.

With a strong team of 24 consisting of expert guides, naturalists, and scientists, as well as two custom-made submarines and 24 Zodiacs, you can look forward to out-of-this-world adventures.

Best Antarctic Cruises for Luxurious Adventure

Silversea Expeditions

Silversea often operates three Antarctic ships complete with five-star cruise facilities, including a beauty salon and a spa, to ensure that guests will always look their best while meeting the penguins.

Silver Wind and Silver Cloud have generous sizes, each with four dining venues. On the other hand, the smaller Silver Explorer is an expedition-style ship. The voyages can take as little as six days and fly in and out of the South Shetland Islands’ King George Island.

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