2019 is closing! A year full of adventures for all of us! But which ones will be the most requested tourist destinations in 2020? Top destinations 2020!

Top destinations 2020: European destinations such as Italy, Spain and Austria, as well as U.S and the Caribbean.



This region of southern Italy is known for its beautiful mountain ranges and lush forests and offers a different side to Italy which ABTA says is now becoming increasingly popular for tourists.

Hotspots the report highlights are the city of Matera, the Lucan Apennines mountain range and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Chicago and Lake Michigan

Known as “the Windy City”, Chicago is famed for its stunning lakeside on one of the five Great Lakes.

The city is home to one of the liveliest music scene in the USA and is the ultimate destination for music lovers next year, with 2020 marked as its “Year of Chicago Music.”

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Unspoilt landscapes, delicious wines and welcoming people are just some of the reasons ABTA recommend Georgia as a top holiday destination for the coming year.


Often referred to as “The Island of Spice” Grenada is the perfect destination for lovers of the outdoors thanks to its rolling green hills and beautiful beaches.

Travellers should make the most of this lesser-known Caribbean island and its uncrowded beaches, as growing popularity could soon see a spike in tourism.

Madrid and its neighbouring cities

Spain has long been a holiday favourite for europeans, however, beach locations may be the obvious choice.

Now, with the boost in city breaks, ABTA predicts a boost in holidays to the country’s capital city, Madrid.

Not only is it rich in its own culture, Madrid also serves as a perfect base for travellers heading off to other historic cities and towns.


Morocco is well known for its variety of landscapes.

From beautiful beaches to long expanses of golden sand dunes of the Sahara.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea, this North African hotspot is rich in its own culture, particularly in the city of Marrakech.