Best Independent Art Galleries in Paris

Not many cities in the world can rival Paris as one of the world’s art capitals. But while the city serves as the home to over-popular and well-established institutions, did you know that there is still a wealth of smaller and more intimate spaces worth exploring?

Here are some of the best independent art galleries in Paris that feature works of up-and-coming talents and contemporary artists. 

Atelier des Lumières

Atelier des Lumières is Paris’ first-ever all-digital gallery that staged multimedia large-scale exhibits to vast audiences. It was an instant hint when its doors opened in 2018 with the inaugural show on Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and the rest of the Austrian painters from Secession school.

Best Independent Art Galleries in Paris

From this first exhibit onward, it never failed to attract long lines for entry to more strangely captivating shows that combine ethereal moving images and sound and honor the likes of Matisse, Renoir, Chagali, and Van Gogh. 

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Although the pandemic curbed the program, more shows are in the making and are expected to be as successful as before. 


Fluctuat is the first floating urban art center in the world that opened in July 2019. Docked right at the foot of The Pont des Invalides on the Seine River’s left bank, Fluctuart is a free gallery on water spanning three stories showcasing masterpieces of seasoned and new street artists of various backgrounds.

Pont des Invalides

Artworks by French artist Invader and the elusive Banksy are seen here together with those by some new urban art talents. 

Galerie Laurent Godin

Galerie Laurent Godin is a compact art space located in the 13th arrondissement right opposite places such as the Centre Pompidou which are often too crowded that make it impossible to enjoy and appreciate the artworks. 

Best Independent Art Galleries in Paris

The strength of the gallery lies in its one-of-a-kind relationship with the 20 featured artists and the extra care it takes in showcasing the works. 

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Galerie Magda Danysz

Galerie Magda Danysz located in the 11th arrondissement is the place to be if you are looking for amazing and fresh shows. Committed to promoting artists from various horizons, the owner of the gallery, Magda Danysz, has a great contribution to shining the spotlight on street art. 

She curates exhibits that are often daring and large-scale, giving new artists an actual space where they can express themselves and arrange shows that showcase their ambitions. 

Pont des Invalides

The walls of this gallery have already been graced by works of Miss Van, Seen, Vhils, Prune Nourry, JR, Erwin Olaf, and Ultralab, the collective group. 

Galerie Perrotin 

Emmanuel Perrotin founded this amazing space that ranks among Paris’ most prestigious galleries. Featuring the contemporary art market’s up-and-coming stars, art enthusiasts and collectors frequent the place. 

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac is second to Galerie Perotin in terms of prestige if not equal to it. An Austrian gallerist of the same name founded this gallery in 1990 and can be found right amid Le Marais.

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Pont des Invalides

It is a 100-square meter venue with four floors housing the works of several most influential artists. This is where you can find pieces by the German minimalist Imi Knoebel and the American photographer Irving Penn, among other acclaimed talents. 

Visit these independent art galleries in Paris and see for yourself the many new wonders they showcase.


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