Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia, Caribbean

Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation? For most tourists, destinations like the US Virgin Islands, Aruba, and the Bahamas often top their bucket lists. But if you prefer to veer off the beaten path, there is one place that you should definitely visit: St. Lucia.

Despite being not so popular, St. Lucia has a lot in store for its visitors. Here are some of the best places to visit in St. Lucia for your ultimate Caribbean vacation!


Castries, the capital city of St. Lucia, deserves to be your first stop, even if it is just for a few hours. Don’t miss the chance to visit the colorful market in Castries, where you can browse through fresh vegetables, local handicrafts, and souvenirs. If you’re looking for some local culture, the market is a great place to go.

Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia, Caribbean

Just a short distance from Port Castries, you will find St. Lucia Park with its Rainforest Adventures that combine adventure and nature in eco-friendly excursions that include bird-watching spots, nature trails, aerial trams, and thrilling zip lines.

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Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island is a tiny island located right across Rodney Bay. It was once a British outpost during the Napoleonic Wars. These days, a visit to the island will let you explore the different military buildings used back then.

Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia, Caribbean

The information center will also help you learn more about the naval battles that happened during that time. After a long and tiring day of exploration, you can also relax on one of the two white-sand beaches in the area.


Soufriere is a fishing town that is another great stop with its variety of fascinating sights to see and explore. A particularly popular spot for tourists and devotees alike is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located in the town square.

Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia, Caribbean

You can also get a glimpse of the rich history of the town through the different buildings that remain standing to this day, such as the old courthouse that has now been transformed into a restaurant.

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In case you didn’t know, Josephine, the wife of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, was born in this town. Visit the nearby Veux Port, where you can get a good view of the entirety of the town and its bay area.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay, located only a few minutes’ ride from the capital, is no doubt the island’s most famous waterfront location.

Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia, Caribbean

Numerous palm trees dot the entire beach, which gives it a wonderful tropical appeal complete with green hillsides that serve as a scenic backdrop. If you happen to be a film buff, you would surely recognize Marigot Bay because it was the location of the original 1967 “Doctor Doolittle.”

The Pitons

Rounding out the list of the best places to visit in St. Lucia are the Pitons, which are the area’s most prominent geographical features. The larger Gros Piton rises to approximately 798 meters, while the smaller Petit Piton is at about 750 meters.

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Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia, Caribbean

However, if climbing is not your forte, you might want to have second thoughts about visiting them because the two peaks are both considered tricky and difficult. If this is the case, it is best to just enjoy their majestic view from a distance.


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