Best Private Jet Providers for 2022

Nowadays, private jet charter companies are becoming more popular as more travelers choose private flights instead of commercial flights. Many experts even estimate that there will be a huge increase of first-time private jet flyers this year. Most private jet providers promise luxury travelers the best service and solutions, which can be confusing to both first-time private jet flyers and even seasoned travelers. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the best private jet providers that you can use for your luxury travelers. 

Top 4 Private Jet Providers 


Netjets can be regarded as one of the oldest jet companies globally as it was launched in 1964. They are also known to have the biggest collection of jets, with over 700 airplanes worldwide. Generally, NetJets offers fractional ownership of aircraft, but they also offer jet card and lease programs, which helps to offer luxury travelers with alternative ways to fly private. 

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Since NetJets has a large fleet, they can cater to all requirements, whether flying alone or with friends and business associates. Apart from their varieties of aircraft and membership options, NetJet is considered one of the best private jet providers because they offer the same personalized level of service no matter the program that you are choosing. 

V2 Jets 

Unlike NetJets, V2 Jets is a private jet provider founded in 2015. However, they offer amazing services such as charter, jet cards, and aircraft sales. V2 Jets offers luxury services that travelers will get at their homes. They also have numerous aircraft at their disposal, from mid size jets like Cessna Citation X to heavy crafts like Challenger 605. 

When chartering a jet from V2 Jets, you will need to give around four hours’ notice to help ensure you can use their jets. 


VistaJet has more than 70 aircraft and offers its members access to the largest privately-owned Bombardier fleet worldwide. Their fleet features VistaJet’s signature interior and exterior detailing, offering luxury to their customers. They are among the best private jet providers out there as they also offer unique itineraries to hidden travel destinations across the world. 

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VistaJet offers two memberships, namely direct and program memberships. VistaJet also offers a lease program for personal and corporate use for luxury travelers hoping to fly regularly. 

Wheels Up 

Although Wheels Up was founded in 2013, they are among the biggest private jet providers on the market. They are popularly known for their fascinating array of partnerships with notable brands to help ensure their customers enjoy world-class luxury travel experiences. 

Wheels Up offer their customers more than 1500 aircraft, and they are known to have some of the most exclusive jets, such as the KingAir350i. Generally, Wheels Up operates in the US, and they offer three membership options to their customers: Connect, Business, and Core. The best thing is that they offer a membership that is ideal for all types of flyers, whether you are on personal or corporate travel. 


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