Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase luxury travel? Is it the Maldives? Tahiti? Fiji? Or Paris? 

Now more than ever, the concept of luxury travel is starting to change, with more and more emerging destinations taking the spotlight and ousting the favorites from their long-time spots.

If you’re tired of the ordinary, here are some up-and-coming spots worth checking out:


Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Luxury undergoes a complete redefinition in Anguilla. Charming boutique resorts replace big hotel chains here, taking the level of intimacy a notch higher. This island in the Caribbean also abounds with some of the freshest and highest-quality seafood you can find, such as crayfish. Flying to St. Martin is your best option to reach Anguilla, and then hop on a ferry that will take you to the island.


Antarctica is slowly but surely turning into some kind of hot spot among luxury travelers who are craving adventures. Tourists can try all the activities available, including hiking, kayaking, polar diving, or just relishing the sights of incredible wildlife such as whales and seal pups and the expansive wilderness.

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

The far-flung destination is the epitome of seclusion. You’re also more likely to encounter penguins instead of humans. However, that’s where the real draw lies. Reaching Antarctica requires travelers to jump on South American ships.

Costa Rica

Strictly speaking, Costa Rica can’t be defined as an emerging destination. The country receives more than 1.7 million tourists annually, most of whom come from Canada and the USA.

However, as of late, more and more travelers express their desire to visit or even revisit Costa Rica, but without the roughness this time. A popular trend here is to combine adventure with luxury.

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Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Costa Rica is known to have the highest density of biodiversity out of all other countries across the globe, containing 4% of the species on the planet.

Some of the last and most diverse dry forests in the world are located in the Guanacaste province, so many of the hotels and resorts in the region are already masters in the art of eco-luxury.


Large crowds of island hoppers visit Croatia for one good reason: the sheer selection of gorgeous small islands dotting the coast of the country. Simply put, it’s the ultimate beach destination for all the luxury travelers out there.

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Lestovo Island is the perfect spot for those who are craving a blissfully remote getaway. All you’ll see here are the Adriatic Sea’s crystal-clear, azure-blue waters. If you want more action, head inland instead to witness the medieval charms of Croatia with your own eyes.


Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Havana is indeed starting to shape up as an emerging luxury destination. Visitors can look forward to a one-of-a-kind experience with Malecón’s vibrant architecture and the Playas del Este’s crystal-blue waters. And with Cuba’s WiFi rumored to be spotty at best, the country gives you the chance to get a real tech detox.


It was back in the 1970s when Tahiti became a revered destination for honeymooners. Although it’s what Tahiti has been famous for for the longest time, it’s still not one of those destinations that teems with visitors or is as popular as others.

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Tahiti is dubbed the leading destination for overwater bungalows. This is, after all, the place where the first overwater bungalows in the world were made. Accommodation options include resorts, luxury hotel chains, and lodges or boutique pension houses.

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Iceland probably doesn’t top the list of high-end resort towns, but this is what the country is evolving into right now. The country boasts an intense and raw beauty that is best described in one word: dazzling.

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Rushing waterfalls, ultra-relaxing hot springs, and bubbling mud pools are some of the country’s most famous natural wonders. During the months of summer, visitors can also relish the sunny weather even at night, with the Midnight Sun bringing long days. The legendary geothermal spas of Reykjavik are also a must-visit.

Los Cabos

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

The best of Mexico can be found in Los Cabos. Massive and out-of-this-world rock formations adorn the area, interspersed with exclusive spas and lavish resorts. If you’re after royal treatment, Los Cabos won’t leave you disappointed. Aside from lounging on the white sandy beaches, tourists can also play on the golf course or explore San Jose del Cabo’s unique culture.


One of the rising trends in luxury travel is the so-called luxpedition or luxurious expedition, and Mongolia happens to be a favorite for this. Mongolia’s allure is not hard to see, with its gorgeous landscape and nomadic culture.

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

The nomadic pastoral lifestyle largely shaped the culture of the country. This, combined with its geographical location’s mystique, continues to lure visitors to Mongolia. Since most luxury travelers prefer going off the beaten path without losing a sense of safety and security, Mongolia also offers guided tours through the luxury travel tour operators in the area.

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South Africa

Going on a safari doesn’t mean you have to rough it up. South Africa positively bursts with more options for luxury travel that will take your visit to the next level. It includes private viewings of wildlife and intimate bush tours.

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Of course, jaw-dropping wildlife is not the only thing that South Africa can bring to the table. Cape Town is acclaimed for its amazing wine country, which can almost rival that of Europe or Napa.

South Africa is also the leading destination for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly mountain bikers and hiking junkies. Jewelry aficionados also love to tour Johannesburg and its diamond mines.

Sri Lanka

This gem in Asia deserves a spot on this list, specifically for nature lovers and fans of whale watching. One of the main draws to the country is the diverse selection of ultra-private boutique hotels, exotic jungle resorts, and lavish bungalows.

Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing Luxury in Emerging Destinations

Beyond the accommodations, the natural wonder of Sri Lanka is simply exquisite as a whole. From the idyllic beaches to the tropical gardens and tea plantations, it’s no surprise that Sri Lanka is poised to become the hottest destination to date.


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