What’s the only thing money cannot buy?
It’s time.
Time to have the bespoke experience you are dreaming of, time to arrange details, time to enjoy everything.
Although we cannot buy time, we can definitely save a lot of it for much better purpose.
Facial recognition, IOT connectivity, new touch points, virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa.
We have some examples: Priscilla, Hilton Honors, and Marriott Hotels.
Mobile payments are especially going to reach another level, heading towards cryptocurrency more and more.


Relying on brand history alone is no longer enough: storytelling is the key to convey their value to customers.
Global brands need to reflect the increasingly diverse identity of their clients through multicultural awareness and sensitivity.
Human touch is essential for luxury brands to nurture the personal relationships that build client loyalty.


Trend research and analysis show that more and more guests will be choosing their hotels based on their social and environmental impact, and will prefer companies that have embedded eco-friendly practices into their operations.

Sustainable and socially responsible strategies:

– Reduction of single-use plastics

– Social business concepts

– Circular economy, resources recycled and regenerated


Balancing locally sourced, seasonal food and vegetable-centric cuisine (eco-friendly and health-conscious consumers) and the pursuing of new memorable culinary experiences.
It’s also a Visual Experience:
Millennials are driving a shift towards the democratisation of dining, and in the age of Instagram visual delights are just as important as deliciousness.


True preferences are confirmed by multiple encounters, requests and specificities.
While technology can help document each instance, it will still be up to discerning hotel staff — trained to listen, observe and converse — to decide exactly how best to interact with guests, and this will never change.


As these trends reveal, the future of the hospitality industry is increasingly transversal, shaping and being shaped by global movements, industries and consumer values.
Despite these rapid changes, among consumer-centric industries, one constant remains: the importance of the human touch.
Human relations continue to play an invaluable role in the delivery of memorable experiences and service, making human talent one of our greatest sources of innovation.

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