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Luxury travel auctions website Black Platinum Gold has recently announced plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from an auction to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Black Platinum Gold has revealed plans to support the rescue and rehabilitative care of abandoned elephant calves: the world’s first and only auction website for luxury travel packages will donate 8% of the auction for a 13 Days Bespoke Tour of Kenya to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. With this initial donation, Black Platinum Gold seeks to establish a long-term commitment to the continued rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephant calves in Kenya.

The holiday up for auction is a 12 days trip for two that starts with an overnight stay in Nairobi at the Ole-Sereni Hotel. The winning bidder of the auction will experience the full beauty of Africa with a trip through the Samburu National Reserve and Reteti Elephant Orphanage. This trip will continue with a day excursion through the Masai Mara capped with a hot air balloon ride over the sprawling landscape. The adventure comes to a close with several days of relaxation at Diani Beach where winning travelers will enjoy inclusive accommodations provided through the Sands of Nomad. This trip includes taxes, transportation, and the support of an experienced guide throughout the duration. The starting bid for this auction is €16.900 and bidding ends on July 20th at 4:00 pm (Europe/Rome Time Zone). 

The funding provided to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary will help support local rescue efforts of abandoned elephant calves and  rehabilitate them back to the wild. Thanks to the sanctuary’s work, up to 10 elephant calves are saved every year from climate change or human activity. With this donation, Black Platinum Gold signals a strengthened dedication to preserving the rich biodiversity of Kenya for many years to come.