Borgo Egnazia is a unique place in the world: a visionary interpretation of a typical village, surrounded by millennial olive groves in the beautiful landscape of Puglia in Southern Italy. A true masterpiece of architecture and design, where every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure the highest standards of luxury.

Born in 2010 from the visionary concept of the Melpignano family, Borgo Egnazia is a tribute to the traditional architecture and the great beauty of Puglia: a miniature world of homemade breakfasts prepared by Puglian “Massaie,” both traditional and gourmet food experiences, as well as the poetic Vair spa deeply connected to the territory, two beautiful private beaches, and the scenic San Domenico Golf with views that stretch to the blue sea.

Open year-round, Borgo Egnazia is a “Nowhere Else Place” that embodies the marvelous simplicity and authenticity of the land in a contemporary way.


Black Platinum Gold’s Experience: LA CORTE

The main building, known as La Corte, hosts many of Borgo Egnazia’s services, including Due Camini restaurant and Vair Spa.

Elegant and sophisticated, the décor combines Mediterranean tradition and modern design.

Every room contains either a super king-sized bed or two separate beds, stone bathrooms, and either a balcony or a private garden.


Apulian food is recognized all over the world for its diversity and variety.

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Every single restaurant at Borgo Egnazia provides a unique experience and atmosphere, treasuring the highest culinary quality and embodying the many faces of our tradition.

A team of professionals, guided by our executive chef Domingo Schingaro and supervised by Michelin star-awarded coach Andrea Ribaldone, creates different menus using extra fresh local products, some of which are cultivated inside our property.

Whether it’s a gourmet dinner in dim candle lights, an Apulian “crudo” overlooking the sea, a pizza in the open or a traditional dish of tasty “orecchiette”, Borgo Egnazia has a place fulfilling your every wish to discover the most authentic Apulian food.


Winner of the Condè Nast Traveller’s Most Life-Changing Experience award, Vair is a “spiritual” Spa, a true temple dedicated to the care of body and soul, a comforting place where travelers explore themselves and come out renewed, conscious, joyful.

Here Spa director Patrizia Bortolin, star-therapist and “Shaman” Stefano Battaglia and the whole community of Vair’s staff create a harmonious atmosphere of profound spontaneous sharing.

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Guests can indulge in revolutionary tradition-inspired treatments divided into 12 programs pursuing three major goals: life-changing, lightness and energy, relaxation and beauty.


Built in the green belt of San Domenico Golf and a few steps away from the sea with magnificent views of the sea or of the Apulian countryside: Borgo Egnazia’s central location makes it the perfect base to indulge your cultural self and explore the history of our beautiful region.

A shimmering coastline, ancient olive groves, the Roman town of Egnazia and the UNESCO World Heritage town of Alberobello are nearby for exploration.

Baroque architecture, caves, Neolithic sites, and stunning traditional hilltop villages are all within easy reach.


Puglia can surely now take its place in the first rank of Italy’s famous regions. Clearly, everything the Italophile craves is there in abundance: ancient towns heavy with the tangible past; extravagant churches dreamt up by Europe’s finest architects; the footprints of an endless procession of conquerors and cultures, stamped in stone, gold and marble; seas of olives; olive-green seas; and food the equal of any in Italy. Travellers bored or worn down by the crowds of Campania and Tuscany can find still release in the baroque splendour of Lecce, ‘Florence of the South’, or one of many lesser (but no less beautiful) Pugliese towns.But it’s perhaps outside of its cities that Puglia shines brightest. From the ancient Forest of Umbra in the north to the fruitful Valle d’Itria and sun-baked Salento, Puglia’s countryside has always been its foundation – the source of its food, its wealth and its culture.

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