Caribbean: Why Everyone Loves Canouan

Have you always dreamed of an off-the-beaten-path Caribbean-style tropical vacation? If yes, then the undisturbed Canouan island is the best place to be! 

Canouan at a Glance 

Jetsetters who want a scenic and luxe vacation are falling in love with the small island of Canouan for many good reasons. Known for its exclusivity mainly because of the lack of direct commercial flights and its small size, Canouan has this somewhat snobbish appeal, making travelers assume that it is more than what their bank accounts can afford. 

Caribbean: Why Everyone Loves Canouan

But despite being an exciting playground for many private jet setters, this small Grenadine Isle offers reasonably priced options for attractions, travel, and accommodations that puts it high on top of the list of destinations perfect for those who want an uber expensive-looking experience that is surprisingly accessible at the same time. 

Canouan is also the place to be if you wish to stay away from the unending parade of tourists and large cruise ship crowds while still basking in the idyllic beauty of a Caribbean setting.

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How to Get There 

There are several ways for travelers and vacationers to get to Canouan if a private jet is out of the question. The following are some options for getting to this unexplored gem:

  • Grenadine Air Alliance is the shared-charter service operating several flights all over the Grenadines, linked to all four airports in the area that make island hopping easy for visitors. 
  • Fly into Barbados and hop on a small plane that will whisk you off to Canouan Jetport.
  • Fly into St. Vincent’s Argyle International Airport and ride a direct ferry to Canouan Island from Kingstown. This ferry trip will take around 3 and ½ hours.
Caribbean: Why Everyone Loves Canouan

Best Activities to Try on Canouan 

Just like its counterparts in the Caribbean, Canouan offers a long list of both sea and land activities perfect for those who want a taste of paradise sans the extremely touristy ambiance. You can expect an authentic island escape ideal to relax, rejuvenate, and explore in the true Canouan style. 

  • Hike to the peak of the island’s highest point, Mount Royal, which offers scenic views of the neighboring St. Lucia and St Vincent. 
  • Discover the white sand beaches of Canouan, with South Glossy Bay and Grand Bay Beach being popular for their relaxing beautiful vibes and calm waters. 
  • Hit the links at one Caribbean’s most challenging courses located at Canouan Estate Resort and Villas. 
  • The neighboring Tobago Cays are the best spot for visitors looking for some thrill and adventure. Enjoy the epic diving and snorkeling opportunities in the warm clear waters surrounding Canouan. The area’s protected marine park houses some inhabited islands just waiting to be explored like Petit Tabac. 
  • To the east of Tobago Keys, be ready to be mesmerized by the beautiful and isolated Mayreau, an ideal stopping point for relaxing, diving, or spending the evening at Dennis’ Hideaway. 
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Don’t let its exclusive vibes and size turn you off. Canouan is a spectacular Caribbean island that everyone loves for being a tranquil off-the-beaten-path tropical destination. Its luxe five-star vibes are more than worth that splurge!


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