5 Future Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World

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The COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered as a world-changing event, like the 2008 global financial crisis, which will accelerate changes that would have otherwise taken years to apply. We suddenly found ourselves forced to think out of the box, innovate and adapt to a new reality. The natural consequence will be the resilience of all [...]

Summer tourism in Europe? Rules in the major states after COVID-19

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Germany Some border crossings with neighbors Austria, Switzerland, and France began to open on May 16 under tightly controlled conditions, with June 15 set as the date to fully relax borders and restrictions on inter-EU travel. Germany also lifted its strict border controls with Luxembourg on the same day. A similar deal with Denmark has [...]

European Union: new guidelines for air travel in the age of Covid-19

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EU Distancing in Air Travel Guide for Virus - black platinum gold European Union regulators called on passengers to wear face masks, observe physical distancing and frequently wash their hands in new guidelines for air travel in the age of Covid-19. Significant changes will also be needed for airlines and airports, EU aviation and health [...]

UNWTO, COVID-19: Technical Assistance Package for Tourism Recovery

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With tourism among the hardest-hit of all sectors, UNWTO has identified three possible scenarios for the months ahead. Depending on when restrictions on travel are lifted, international tourist arrivals could decline by 60-80% in 2020. This could translate into a decline in export revenues from tourism of between US$910 billion to US$1.2 trillion and place [...]

“Tourism in Italy will start again”

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“Tourism in Italy will start again, with all precautions and in maximum safety, Dario Franceschini, (minister of cultural heritage, activities and tourism) did well to clarify that no border closure is expected. Those who love Italy must be allowed to return to enjoy it, in compliance with governmental and regional guidelines,” he pointed out. Italian [...]

100% of Global Destinations now have COVID-19 Travel Restrictions: Need to React!

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Travel situation update related to Covid-19 (read here) - Following up on previous research, the latest data from the United Nations specialized agency for tourism shows that 100% of destinations now have restrictions in place. Of these, 83% have had COVID-19-related restrictions in place already for four or more weeks and, as of 20 April, [...]

Coronavirus Crisis: Sicily (Italy) will pay for half of the airline tickets

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CORONAVIRUS CRISIS - Sicily (Italy) offers half of the airline ticket In Italy 13% of the GDP comes from tourism and the country is already planning ways to reboot the sector when lockdown ends on May 4: Sicily will pay half of the price of tourists' flights in a bid to lure back holidaymakers after the [...]

Coronavirus: 96% of Global Destinations impose Travel Restrictions

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#TravelTomorrow: That's why in addition to a hashtag it is also a necessity! The 96% of all worldwide destinations have introduced travel restrictions! 96% of all worldwide destinations have introduced travel restrictions in response to the pandemic. Around 90 destinations have completely or partially closed their borders to tourists, while a further 44 are closed [...]

5 of the Most Extreme Places to Visit on Earth

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5 OF THE MOST EXTREME PLACES TO VISIT ON EARTH After many months on lockdown we might want a shake-up, something to make us feel awake and alive before going back to "normality" - which is something we lost the meaning of. So, instead of simply planning an holiday like many similar ones we've had [...]

3 Top-Rated Luxury Eco-Friendly Cars

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3 TOP-RATED LUXURY ECO-FRIENDLY CARS - Since that young teenager – known as Greta Thunberg – started her climate change protest, the world seems to have had a change of direction, and some brands were smart enough to turn the sustainability concerns into a real business. However, there are some fields – such as the [...]

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