Why Capri Makes You Forget Everything – The Myth of Capri Hospitality

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"Capri is one of the magnetic points of the universe" The myth of Capri hospitality has spread throughout the world thanks to many artists, poets and writers, who were enchanted over the centuries by its timeless beauty. The history of Capri hospitality goes far behind in the past: in the 1st century B. C, Emperor [...]

Rosselli Malta – Five Star Opulence in Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Enter our auction and win 2 nights at Rosselli Malta & 1 Michelin Star dinner! View Auction Valletta, Malta's capital, built by gentlemen for gentlemen, retains its 16th-century elegance. Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it's described it as "one of the most concentrated historic [...]

Golden Wonders in Myanmar: Yangon Excelsior Hotel, a Colonial Splendour

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Enter our auction and win 4 nights at Yangon Excelsior, Myanmar! View Auction "This is Burma", wrote Rudyard Kipling. "It will be quite unlike any land you know about." Amazingly, over a century later, Myanmar retains the power to surprise and delight even the most jaded [...]

Heritage Line Anouvong – Luxury Mekong River Cruise in Laos

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Enter our auction and win a Luxury Mekong River Cruise in Cambodia – 5 days! View Auction Heritage Line Anouvong - Luxury Mekong River Cruise in Laos Heritage Line is a luxury cruise line which offers unforgettable and refined river voyages along Southeast Asia’s most [...]

Royal Kumari of Kathmandu: the strange life of Nepal’s Living Goddess

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ROYAL KUMARI OF KATHMANDU - Largely unknown to the outside world, Nepal's centuries-old institution of the child deity, the Kumari Devi, is deeply embedded in the culture of Kathmandu Valley. Young, beautiful and decorous, even a glimpse of her is believed to bring good fortune The Kumari is the only living goddess worshipped by both Hindus [...]

Cultural walk on your device – Top 5 museums in Europe

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Cultural walk on your device - Top 5 museums in Europe Since the 2020 started, the Coronavirus outbreak seems to have frozen the world: we are stuck at home, dealing with a new reality which, surely, from the very first moments sounded a bit tight, especially for those who used to wander across the planet, with [...]

How to explore the world during lockdown: Top 10 Virtual Tours

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HOW TO EXPLORE THE WORLD DURING LOCKDOWN: TOP 10 VIRTUAL TOURS Global Travel Industry is facing a moment of standstill and uncertainty: airlines are grounded, hotels are closed, events are canceled (even the Olympics!) Meanwhile we are experiencing the lockdown, reconsidering our priorities, dealing with fear, scary news and, sometimes, misinformation. But for our mental [...]

“I am Jerusalem” – Visit the Old City, visit Jerusalem

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"I am Jerusalem" - Visit Jerusalem, visit the world! - There could be no more appropriate title for this article! Discovering the old city! “For the Arabs, and the above all for the 1.2 million Arabs of Palestine, the partitioning of the land in which they had been a majority for seven centuries seemed a monstrous [...]

Black Platinum Gold loves Italy! The best 5 cities to visit in 2020

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The 5 best cities to visit in 2020! Italy has a way of capturing the heart of travelers unlike anywhere else on Earth. Perhaps it's the landscapes, from the towering Alps and Dolomites to the glamor and grandeur of the Amalfi Coast. At least once in a lifetime you must visit Italy! Italy is all beautiful [...]

Travel Experiences – Journey to Jordan

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