Settled just a few miles north west from Epernay, in Venteuil, on the South bank of the Vallée de la Marne, the land where Champagne Cour Des Lys is born has a story to tell: a tale of rolling hills, chalk and limestone soil plunging into the water of the Marne river.

A memory of long, mild summer days, crisp winters and misty fall mornings, of people who respect the land and have cared for it for generations.

Creators of Champagne Cour Des Lys are dreamers, and they changed the game: instead of taking an easy route and creating just a good champagne, they said no to average and yes to passion, love and commitment.

After all, good things happen outside of our comfort zones.

The Creator

What is champagne to you? Everyone surely will have their own definition and perception of it. And that is a good thing: more diversity!

Cour Des Lys is a tribute to Yann Favennec’s perception and vision of Champagne.

Yann is not only the founder and CEO of Cour Des Lys. He is also the “Chef de Cave” and oversees the complete selection and blending process. This genuine commitment simply garantees higher level of quality and integrity.

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Listen, learn, stay humble, explore, keep an open mind and above all, enjoy.

Subtle, sharp and unconventional – this is what he is and his champagne is certainly no different.

How Champagne Cour Des Lys is born

Cour Des Lys creates unadultered champagne with a distinct signature of minerality, elegance, aerial characteristics and subtlety.

Grape harvesters, which are traditionally paid by the kilo, here are instead paid per hour: this means that a smaller quantity of superior quality is harvested.
Each plot is pressed individually to preserve its own characteristic. During the pressing process, the first and last passes are automatically discarded, keeping only the best juice.

During the fermentation process no artificial flavours or yeast are added, it starts naturally through gravity, with no interference.
This is the only way to let the wine reveal itself.

La Pouponnière – The Nursery

Time to check: How are they evolving, what structure are they gaining, what characteristics are they developing.
Anticipation, excitement, curiosity and pride.

Choosing the blend

The blending process starts, it all comes together. The birth of Champagne Cour Des Lys after a year of work: after that, there is no looking back.

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Kairos Time

A moment of indeterminate time in which everything happens.
Cellar rest will reveal more finesse in taste, months or years, whatever it takes.
They’ll just know when the moment is right.

The result is champagne that tells the unadultered story of its land. Unforced, unmasked. A proud sense of place.

A wisdom tale

You’ve got to find what you love. Because without love there is no passion. With out passion, no emotions. No emotions, no satisfaction.

The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is right. To follow your calling. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

So don’t settle, make sure to keep looking until you do. This is how Cour Des Lys is born.

For rebellious spirits and creative minds – anyone tired of the everything being the same – seeking more authenticity and true pleasure.

A champagne that celebrates craft and art, diversity and individuality. Not letting protocol get in the way of perfection. Unique.

Vegan Champagne

Yann Favennec: “I am sympathetic to animal cause and I still can’t understand that today, with all the means at our disposal, there are still animal abuse, misconduct, cruelty and unnecessary harm done to animals.
I am no fanatic though, but I believe animals are entitle to our respect and Cour Des Lys can contribute to it by making sure that no products used on animal testing or from animals would be used inside or outside of my champagne production”

That simply means, no animal tested products allowed from the vineyard to the bottle.

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This is a philosophy first, a respectful one towards any living creature and nature.

Second, avoiding animal products is one of the most obvious ways you can take a stand against animal cruelty and animal exploitation everywhere, and Cour Des Lys is proud of being part of the Vegan Society.

Third, this is Cour Des Lys commitment to quality and having a natural approach to creating a true vegan champagne.


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