Christmas 2021 in New York City – Holiday Guide 2021

Christmas 2021 in New York City, the Holiday Guide! New York City comes alive with holiday spirit and is home to some of the biggest and best light displays.

What to do in New York at Christmas? New York becomes magic under the holidays! Here are the places to visit absolutely! Among the many attractions we recommend you:

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The 10 things to do in New York at Christmas time (Christmas 2021):

– 1 Buy your Christmas tree at the Union Square market

This Christmas market is a true institution, and you’ll find thousands of stalls selling not only handmade crafts, but also beautiful real Christmas trees of all sizes and sublime smells. We picked up a tiny one, and set it up in our AirBnb-rented apartment in Manhattan’s Midtown area.

– 2 Immerse yourself in the chaos of Grand Central

Manhattan has the oldest subway ever, but the real hub of everything is the Grand Central station, huge and charming, home to many movies and TV shows (who remembers the arrival of Serena Van Der Woodsen at Grand Central in one of the very first episodes of “Gossip Girl”?). During the Christmas season, you’ll find a couple of bands playing Christmas songs, truly magical.

– 3 Take a walk in Central Park

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Central Park during your stay will deserve more than just a visit. We have included it among the 10 things to do in New York at Christmas because there are many things not to be missed, including the mosaic dedicated to John Lennon with the words “Imagine” in the Strawberry Fields area, full of flowers that tourists usually leave on it; the lake in the center of Central Park; the statue of Balto, the wolf-dog of the homonymous cartoon, really lived

– 4 Ice skate in Bryant Park

You’ll feel like you’re in a movie: you’ll find yourself skating in the middle of tall skyscrapers that surround you all around, with Christmas music in the background, a huge skating rink, a giant tree decorated for the holidays and the famous Christmas market in Bryant Park.

TIPS & TRICKS: I recommend buying the delicious artisanal herbal teas they make, especially the Bubblegum and Mango flavored one).

– 5 Feast your eyes at Saks Fifth Avenue

The luxury store par excellence in Manhattan, you will find all the most expensive brands and all the latest in clothing, handbags, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, but at prices not exactly affordable, so you will probably end up leaving empty-handed. And if you’re lucky you may meet some celebrities shopping, we got Lady Gaga! A perfect gift to be included among the 10 things to do in New York at Christmas.

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– 6 Take a selfie at Rockefeller Center

Among the 10 things to do in New York at Christmas, a must is a visit to Rockefeller Center. At Christmas time, the tallest Christmas tree in Manhattan is erected at Rockefeller Center, and it’s all decorated with beautiful green and red streamers. The line to take a selfie under the tree is long, but the photo will be really romantic, surrounded also by another skating rink.

– 7 Go to Times Square on December 25

Christmas in Times Square! As soon as you exit the subway, you will find yourself catapulted into a universe full of bright LEDs, skyscrapers with colorful lettering, cartoon characters wandering around looking for photos, tourists taking photos, stores selling candy, toys, statues (go to Madame Tussuads, the most famous museum of wax statues inspired by famous people). And for a snack treat yourself to a delicious colorful donut at Dunkin’ Donuts, the king of Homer Simpson donuts.

– 8 Watch the sunset on the High Lane

The High Lane is located in the Chelsea neighborhood, and is a perfect example of urban redevelopment. In fact, it is a pedestrian park built where the elevated railway used to be, remodeled with a beautiful pathway surrounded by greenery, perfect for watching the sunset. We walked the whole promenade right at sunset time during Christmas Eve, so we couldn’t help but include it among the 10 things to do in New York at Christmas.

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– 9 Climb the Empire State Building at night and have a cocktail on a skyscraper rooftop

The magic and thrill of climbing the Empire State Building at night and seeing the whole of New York illuminated by millions of lights is indescribable. Finally, to worthily conclude the 10 things to do in New York at Christmas, maintain this euphoria by indulging in a cocktail on one of the many rooftop bars, that is on the top floor of the skyscraper. And if you’re lucky, they’ll even give you a bathrobe to keep you warm!

– 10 Visit quaint neighborhoods and buildings!

You can not at Christmas not visit in New York characteristic neighborhoods such as Little Italy and Soho. But you can’t miss the historic houses and buildings where the cinematic history of Christmas has been made (Mama Lost the Plane, Night at the Museum…).


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