Computer-Generated Influencers are Taking Over the Internet

Sci-fi movies often show robots conquering the world. But it seems that what was once deemed far-fetched can soon become a reality, all made possible by the breakthrough developments in the field of artificial intelligence, engineering, and science. 

While seeing robots walking down the streets won’t happen in years, social media takes the precedent when it comes to Human 2 Robot or H2R interactions. 

In fact, millions of people are now taking to Instagram and other social media platforms to follow and engage with a whole new level of online personalities, none other than computer-generated influencers. 

What are Computer-Generated Influencers?

Computer-generated, CGI, or virtual influencers are basically fictional computer-generated people with realistic features, characteristics, and human personalities.

Computer-Generated Influencers are Taking Over the Internet

These influencers are starting to become a force to be reckoned with in the industry of influencer marketing as more of them are introduced on Instagram weekly. An increasing number of brands are also lining up to be part of this futuristic form of marketing. 

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How Do Computer-Generated Influencers Work?

Obviously, computer-generated influencers don’t exist in the word’s traditional sense. If this is the case, how does this work, then?

Clever creators are behind each of these influencers. They are individuals and brands with a keen eye for technology who stay faceless and anonymous. They are responsible for the growth of their Instagram platforms and mold these virtual figures into the globally recognized influencers that they are quickly becoming today. 

These creators also choose how they dress, act, and look. They also decide who they collaborate, date, and hang out with on Instagram. Most importantly, they also keep all the money earned by these influencers from the deals they have with different brands. 

These creators can also edit their influencers on any backdrop they want. If the influencer they made is someone that loves to travel, they just need a high-resolution backdrop image of a far-flung location that the computer-generated influencer will tick off his or her bucket list. 

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Brand Benefits of Computer-Generated Influencers

Brands that want to stay ahead of the game and tap into a new type of audience are the ones that should be aware of this emerging trend. 

Some of the most in-demand computer-generated influencers already managed to reach beyond the million-follower milestone with people from different parts of the world falling in love with their “lives.”

Computer-Generated Influencers are Taking Over the Internet

Similar to actual human influencers, all brands that partner with these virtual people can look forward to enjoying a plethora of benefits and reaching out to a bigger audience. 

Brand flexibility is another advantage worth noting. Computer-generated influences give brands better control over their partnerships. For instance, every time a real-life influencer commits a mistake that requires re-shooting, this can delay the launch of the campaign. With computer-generated influencers, however, any mistake can simply be erased and fixed in a matter of minutes. 

Without a doubt, computer-generated influencers are taking the world by storm and with the perks they offer, it seems that they won’t be going away any time soon.

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