CORONAVIRUS CRISIS – Sicily (Italy) offers half of the airline ticket

In Italy 13% of the GDP comes from tourism and the country is already planning ways to reboot the sector when lockdown ends on May 4: Sicily will pay half of the price of tourists’ flights in a bid to lure back holidaymakers after the coronavirus lockdown.

Vouchers with the offers will be made available on the island’s tourism website

The regional government will also pay one in every three of their hotel nights and all their tickets for museums and archaeological sites.  A €50 million budget will pay for the scheme after coronavirus robbed the industry of around €1 billion in March and April.The vouchers will be made available on the island’s tourism website, according to The Times.

Italy and Coronavirus (Covid 19) – CORONAVIRUS CRISIS IN ITALY

Italy has the second highest death toll in the world after that of the United States.  The Civil Protection unit yesterday also published statistics on how many patients had been tested for the virus so far in Italy, putting the number at 1.053 million, out of a population of around 60 million. The agency had previously only issued data on the number of swabs carried out. This is a much higher figure because many people are tested two or three times.

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Lombardy is the epicenter – CORONAVIRUS CRISIS IN ITALY

Lombardy, at the epicentre of Europe’s worst coronavirus outbreak, began an antibody testing program this week as it prepared to start opening up its economy following weeks of lockdown.

The so-called serological tests on intravenous blood samples, using a kit designed by diagnostics specialist Diasorin, will be carried out in 14 of the worst-hit areas of Lombardy before being extended to the whole region next week. Unlike nasal swab tests, which look for the presence of the coronavirus directly, the serological tests look for antibodies that indicate viral contagion, but they are quicker and simpler to administer.

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