Coronavirus: how the luxury travel world is coping with the pandemic.

The luxury travel industry doesn’t necessarily play by the same rules as travel in general!

For example, many high-end spa and wellness centres are staying open, catering to clients with coronavirus-anxiety relief packages

By Black Platinum Gold

Some spas have chosen to close amid the outbreak, but many others are staying open and stepping up cleaning measures.

Luxury wellness resort Canyon Ranch issued an update announcing that they were continuing to stay open while prioritizing “the well-being of all” and taking thorough precautions to clean and sanitize.

However, they have closed down three locations across the US in accordance with local or federal guidelines. They declined to comment when Business Insider reached out to them.

Coronavirus and travel_ how luxury spas react - Black Platinum Gold

Coronavirus and travel_ how luxury spas react – Black Platinum Gold

Some spas are trying to cater to clients by promoting stress relief from coronavirus.

The Stanford Inn and Resort in Mendocino, California, is offering an Immune System Boost vacation package to escape coronavirus anxiety, according to American Spa. And a spokesperson for Carillon Miami Wellness Resort told Business Insider that as people cancel flights and look for driving destinations, they have a BOGO offer for nearby Florida and Georgia residents.

But other places are taking more precautionary measures.

Dubai has ordered all its spas and massage centers to close through the end of March. And Nao Wellness in New York City is offering remote immune boosting sessions and remote reiki options to help keep clients mentally well during the coronavirus pandemic.

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