Crystal Skye by Crystal AirCruises: World’s Most Luxurious Private Charter Jet

Yes, you can now tour the world on board a private luxury jet courtesy of Crystal AirCruises, and its name is Crystal Skye: a new Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner wide-body jet.

A new standard of private luxury travel is set to soar high above all others across the globe. It pushes the boundaries of discovery, and challenges all previous curiosities of wonder. This is Crystal Skye, the world’s largest and most luxuriously spacious private charter jet. On journeys of bespoke luxury to exotic worldwide destinations, the celebrated Crystal Experience shines above the clouds, amidst exquisitely crafted amenities and spaces created to be exclusively yours.

Crystal Skye beautifully complements all things Crystal, with its exclusively styled design and custom experience she will offer guests,” Crystal president and CEO Edie Rodriguez said in a statement. “As a global luxury traveler myself, I have been privileged to travel aboard some of the world’s finest aircraft, and there is nothing like Crystal Skye around the world.”

Crystal AirCruises, a subsidiary of leisure travel giant Genting Hong Kong, expects to deploy the Boeing 777 as both a flying cruise ship and as a private charter for the ultra wealthy, as well as corporations and sports teams.

The Boeing 777-200LR has a list price of $320.7 million and that’s before the millions of dollars Crystal poured into the interior conversion.

A look into Crystal Skye

Inside, the jet is a stunning enclave of luxury. While this Boeing aircraft type is typically used by airlines around the world to serve 314 to 396 passengers, Crystal Skye seats only 88 guests who will have plenty of room to spread out.

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Crystal says the plane has the widest VIP cabin configuration in commercial service. Seating is no more than two across, so every passenger has either a window or aisle seat. Leather seats are configured in a two-by-two-by-two format, with extra wide aisles, a 74-inch pitch between seats and a 24-inch width between armrests.

In fact, passengers will have an average of three windows between each seating row. Staggered rows also allow for center seats to enjoy window views.

Executive Class Seats

Crystal’s Executive Class Seats, designed by Zodiac Seating, are ergonomically designed and can lie totally flat. At 73.5 inches in length, the seats can accommodate tall guests. Seats set up in bed-time mode have custom-designed cashmere blankets and lumbar pillows, a goose down pillow, duvets and mattress toppers.

Entertainment-wise, Crystal’s passengers will each have their own 24-inch flat screen Panasonic monitors with a complete entertainment package of games, movies, TV shows, videos, music on demand and complimentary WiFI across the globe. Guests also have mini monitors in each handset.

All guests also have an individual phone at their seat and can make free, unlimited global calls. Guests receive custom cabin tote bags, including toiletry kits and Bose headphones. Seats also are equipped with personal UBS ports and power outlets.

Onboard Service

Guests will be served by a cabin crew of 12 SkyeButlers, plus four pursers. International crew members speak a combined total of 32 languages.

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Each guest enjoys the personal service of a butler. Butlers carts are equipped with steam irons, shoe horns and polish, wrapping paper, extract fragrances and lens cleaner.

From the flight crew side, each flight will have four captains onboard, all with global operations experience. . The aircraft will be operated for Crystal AirCruises by Comlux Aruba NV.

Crystal’s AirCruises staff focused on each flight will include an executive chef, mixologist, technical manager and a global operations/security manager.

Chef Francois Van Zyl, Crystal Air Cruises’ executive chef, will oversee menus of Michelin-inspired cuisine that reflects the global destinations visited. The chef will collaborate with the brand’s sommelier/mixologist to offer pairings with fine wines.

Dedicated Social Lounge

The aircraft has a spacious dedicated social lounge in the forward part of the aircraft with soft hues and mood lighting. Several dozen guests at a time can be accommodated here comfortably at one time, enjoying cocktails or small bites.

Throughout the plane are six VIP lavatories with relaxing music, large countertops, ETRO bath products and enough space to change into sleep attire.

The aircraft has two galleys — one forward and one at the rear of the aircraft. Together, they have nine steam and convection ovens, espresso machines, a frother, blender, ice machines and more.

In addition, a glass-enclosed wine cellar structure near the rear galley can store hundreds of bottles of wine. Additional bottles can also be stored elsewhere on the plane.

more Amenities

Crystal Skye also has a newly designed overhead compartment which allows for much greater storage while taking up less space in the cabin. The aircraft also has a high cabin ceiling with no overhead center bins.

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During their Crystal Skye flight, guests also can be a part of the air action by listening to a cockpit-to-airport ground control listening system and watching a detailed live “moving map” on their monitor so they can check flight progress. Exterior TV cameras will provide views of take-off, in flight and landing.

Crystal AirCruises ExperienceThe renowned Crystal Experience introduces an unrivaled new manner of global exploration aboard Crystal Skye, the world’s newest, largest and most spacious luxury jet.Available for private charter for both leisure travel and group events, this lavishly outfitted Boeing 777 has been completely transformed to the highest standards of aviation design, featuring handcrafted, fully-reclining flatbed seats, a dedicated stand-up bar and social lounge, a team of Crystal Skye Butlers and an Executive Chef preparing exceptional Michelin star-inspired cuisine.

The ultra-luxe trips will be tailored to each guest’s desires, making it one of the world’s most customizable private jet experiences.

Crystal Aircruises itineraries will be devoid of any ocean-cruising element but, like some of Crystal Cruises existing waterborne itineraries, will focus on specific themes such as visiting Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.


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