Since the 2020 started, the Coronavirus outbreak seems to have frozen the world: we are stuck at home, dealing with a new reality which, surely, from the very first moments sounded a bit tight, especially for those who used to wander across the planet, with different but equally significant aims.

Today we want to approach travellers who, beyond relaxing, seeing different places, tasting new flavours or meeting new people, also love to colour their trips by visiting museums or exhibitions.

Surfing on internet, we have discovered many virtual tours which fulfill the request of art lovers and people who are passionate about history and culture and currently on lockdown.

Narrowing the field, we have selected the top 5 in Europe, download Google Arts & Culture App and enjoy them!


Pergamon Museum is ranked as one the most important archeological museum in the world and is settled in Germany’s capital city, the wonderful Berlin, alongside the Sprea River.

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It was opened in 1830 on behalf of Karl-Friedrich Schinkel in front of the Berlin Castle. In its indoor, you can enjoy the Ancient Art Museum, which shows off the Pergamon Altar and Mileto Market Door, the Islamic Art Museum and the Asia Anterior Art Museum.


Located in Great Britain’s core, London, the British Museum is remarkable for its precious collection of the whole world’s art, culture and history for centuries, precisely since 1753, when it was established thanks to King George II’s will.

It is split up in nine departments, without considering its libraries and archives: the Department of Egypt and SudanGreece and Rome one, Middle EastPrint and Drawings, the BritainEurope and PrehistoryAsiaAfricaAmericas and OceaniaCoins and MetalsConservations and Scientific Research.


In the center of an Italian gem, Florence, it stands the Uffizi Gallery warding an amount of priceless works gifted to the city when the House of Mediciperished after a three-centuries-long period of rule.

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It was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1560, then continued by Alfonso Parigi and Bernardo Buontalenti and eventually completed in 1581.

The Gallery is particularly focused on Renaissance Period, which was the brightest one of Florence, and over the years it turned into one of the most popular and most visited museum in the world.


Situated in Paris – the city of luxury “par excellence” – the Musée D’Orsay stands in front of the Louvre Museum and it has been designed in 1898 by the architect Victor Laloux in a suggestive and uncommon location: the “Gare D’Orsay”, a former railway station.

It is well-known for its Impressionism and Post-Impressionism masterpieces: indeed, it exhibits works made up within the 1848 and the 1914, before the First World’s War outbreak.


Van Gogh was one of the pioneers of modern painting and his fame had been spread throughout the planet. Amsterdam, his city, hosts a museum dedicated to him, gathering the widest range of his works and masterpieces. 

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The Van Gogh Museum consists of two interconnected buildings: the first one has been designed by Gerrit Rietvelt and opened in 1973; the second one has been designed by the Japanese architect Kishō Kurokawa and inaugurated in 1999.

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