One of the Maldives’ newest resorts (opened in June 2017), Dhigali Maldives – Raa Atoll sits in the remote Raa Atoll but can be reached by a scenic seaplane journey of just 45 minutes. Excellent hospitality and cool modern design features are highlights here, but in this less-developed atoll you can also gain a real sense of local culture.

With a minimalist, modern vibe, Dhigali has done away with the traditional Maldivian thatched style of architecture and has instead introduced contemporary, box-like villas with flat white roofs and pared-down interiors. Around the resort, the décor is simple and comfortable, with bright splashes of colour in everything from the multicoloured cushions in the restaurant to the orange towels by the pool, and quirky additions including curved chandeliers that swing in the breeze and a collection of Instagram-perfect swings.

There’s a house reef in swimming distance on one side of the island and a lagoon on the other side for watersports, plus a stunning sandbank at the tip of the island.

Dining is innovative and authentic, with the style and atmosphere of each restaurant reflecting the cuisine. There’s a particular focus on fresh Asian dishes, including the specialist Asian restaurant, Battuta. Capers is the main restaurant, and there’s also the upscale Deli, all-day dining at Jade, and freshly grilled meats and fish at Faru. At sunset, make your way to the upper level of Haali (the sunset bar) with a cocktail in hand.


Dhigali Maldives is a perfect blend of simplicity and luxurious comforts. A wide range of villas and suites set between lush gardens and turquoise sea views at this Maldives beach resort provide absolute tranquillity.

Rooms have a minimalist and neutral décor, with warm tones of browns and creams, modern furnishings and plush natural fabrics.

You’ll have a vast choice:

1 Dhigali Suite

Dhigali Suite features an opulent master bedroom, open-air bathroom, beachfront infinity pool, wide sundeck, and spacious accommodation with all comforts offered by luxury hotels in Maldives. This ocean view suite also provides a personal butler, private bar and a home theatre system.

3 Beach Suites with Pool

Experience a stay at one of the best Maldives villas with private pool, at secluded and spacious waterfront hideaways of Dhilgali’s 3 one-bedroom beach suites, located at the end of a perfect stretch of sand. An indoor/outdoor bathroom opens up to the skies, while a wide front veranda and an oversized plunge pool gaze out to the horizon.

16 Lagoon Villas with Pool

Reaching out over transparent waters, each lagoon villa in Maldives at Dhigali feature a private plunge pool, sprawling deck a lavish open bathroom and accommodation with majestic blue views of the ocean, while the shimmering coral reef located just a short stroll away from the villas provide space for many underwater excursions.

21 Beach Villas with Pool

Beach Villas at Dhigali Maldives resort with private pool are ideal for couples celebrating romance. The villas provide magnificent sea views of the sparkling blue-green waters whilst featuring a bathroom consisting of an exhilarating rainfall shower which is partly open to the balmy island air and an expansive covered outdoor veranda that leads to the porcelain sands of the beach, where private sun loungers sit under native fronds.

62 Beach Villas

Experience best services that Maldives family resorts have to offer at Dhigali’s 62 beach front villas offering luxurious amenities and perfect tranquillity. The villas consist of a bathroom spanning across indoor and outdoor space with a rainfall shower and a deep tub to soak under the heavens. An expansive deck overlooks the beach and turquoise blue Ocean, with sun loungers perched in pearl-white sands. Four can sleep comfortably in these villas being an ideal choice for family stays.

33 Deluxe Beach Bungalows

33 deluxe beach bungalows at Dhigali are ideal for a private hideaway among Maldives honeymoon resorts. The bungalows provide extra space to indulge in with an open-air bathroom consisting of a rainfall shower. The spacious garden area under coconut groves also inspire intimate moments.

24 Water Villas

Dhigali’s 24 water villas in Maldives are elegantly located over crystal water within just paddling distance to the colourful house reef. Each villa consists of an oversized wooden sundeck stepping down to the sea, where exciting excursions await.

20 Beach Bungalows

Set back from the water, Dhigali’s 20 beach bungalows in Maldives are hidden in native gardens. Each has an open-air bathroom, a lavish rainfall shower that’s open to the skies, and a wide covered veranda with private sun loungers to laze on.


Dhigali Maldives feature several restaurants and bars providing local seafood, Maldivian spices, western favourites and divine signature Asian cuisine complemented with premium wine, beer and cocktails. All restaurants carry gorgeous views of the beach and island whilst ensuring diverse culinary experiences for guests.


Capers restaurant Maldives pamper the palate with international cuisine and local delicacies. Breakfast is served with brilliant sunrise hues, whilst dining at Capers is a great way to begin the day. Evenings welcome the breeze, perfect for relaxed dinners.


Enjoy dining amidst cool breeze, glimmering waters and endless ocean views at Jade restaurant of Dhigali offering all day International cuisine in Maldives. The restaurant is a welcoming hub ideal to grab quick snacks or for an entire family feast.


Discover the true essence of Maldives dining at Faru seafood restaurant in Maldives offering continental cuisine, grilled meat and fresh succulent seafood. The dining space at Faru is an open area overlooking beach sand whilst providing jaw dropping sunset views in the evening.


Battuta – the signatory Restaurant named after Ibn Battuta, one of the greatest travellers of all times. Follow in the culinary footsteps of his travel experiences from North Africa, to the Middle East and all the way to Southeast Asia whilst dining in Maldives at this unique restaurant.


Haali is a perfect choice for private dining with tented style dining space among restaurants in Maldives. The restaurant overlooks the beautiful sandbank gazing out at the horizon whilst the best vintage point to dine at the restaurant is upstairs providing breathtaking views of the sunset.


East bar in Maldives at Dhigali is admirably located to suite the island vibes, opening up to the views of horizon, whilst providing exotic cocktails, classic premium wines and beer.


Deli is a place to stop by for a quick refuelling or for all day dining, standing out among restaurants in Maldives for amazing combinations of gourmet cuisine and snacks offered to suite different dining moods.


Guests can enjoy the Spa set in a soothing setting of a tropical lush garden, featuring an outdoor plunge pool surrounded by day beds within the natural greenery offering indigenous therapies and healing traditions.

Rustling palms + distant waves, this green retreat in the middle of the island invites deep relaxation.


According to local legend, the now uninhabited island of Rasgetheemu is where Koimala Kaloa and his princess wife landed after being exiled from Sri Lanka before moving to Male to found a ruling dynasty. Another important visitor to the atoll was the Arab seafarer Ibn Battuta, who landed at Kinolhas in 1343 and then moved on to Male.

The channel between Baa and Raa, locally known as Hani Kandu, is also named Moresby Channel after the Royal Navy officer Robert Moresby, who was responsible for the original marine survey of the Maldives made from 1834 to 1836. There’s good diving on both sides of Hani Kandu, as it funnels water between the atolls, bringing pelagic fish and promoting coral growth. Mantas abound in October and November.


Unbelievable Beaches

The Maldives is home to perhaps the best beaches in the world; they’re on almost every one of the country’s nearly 1200 islands and are so consistently perfect that it’s hard not to become blasé about them. While some beaches may boast softer granules than others, the basic fact remains: you’ll find consistently whiter-than-white powder sand and luminous cyan-blue water like this almost nowhere else on earth. This fact alone is enough to bring over a million people a year to this tiny, remote and otherwise little-known Indian Ocean paradise.

Resorts for Everyone

Every resort in the Maldives is its own private island, and with over 100 to choose from the only problem is selecting where you want to stay. At the top end, the world’s most exclusive hotel brands compete with each other to attain ever-greater heights of luxury, from personal butlers and private lap pools to in-room massages and pillow menus. It’s not surprising that honeymooners and those seeking a glamorous tropical getaway have long had the country at the top of their wish lists. But there’s choice beyond the five- and six-star resorts. Other islands cater for families, for divers, for those on a (relative) budget, and anyone wanting a tranquil back-to-nature experience.

Underwater World

With some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world, the clear waters of the Maldives are a magnet for anyone with an interest in marine life. The richness and variety is astonishing; dazzling coral walls, magnificent caves and schools of brightly coloured tropical fish await you when you get down to the reef. In deeper waters lurk manta rays, turtles, sharks and even the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. The best bit? The water is so warm many people don’t even wear a wetsuit.

Independent Travel

In the last few years, these incredible islands have finally started to open to independent travellers, meaning you no longer have to stay in resorts and remain separate from the local population, something that has kept backpackers away for decades. Intrepid individuals can now make their own itineraries and travel from island to island by public ferry, staying among the devout but friendly local population. With a fast-growing number of privately run guesthouses on inhabited islands, the Maldives and its people are now more accessible than ever.

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