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The geisha is a symbolic icon from Japan that is widely renowned all over the globe, hitherto not well comprehended. A practice that goes back more than 250 years, the geisha arts are progressively vanishing, yet there are still areas in Japan where one can relish an authentic geisha experience. 

Nowadays, most geisha are situated in Kyoto, Japan’s prehistoric capital metropolis, where they are acknowledged as geiko. Nonetheless, there are certain zones of Tokyo where geisha can still be located in the modern age. 

Geisha: What It Is? 

Geisha are female performers who train in the Japanese cultural arts, containing the playing of the conventional song, instruments, and dance. They are additionally gurus of discussion and hospitality, which has made something of a misinterpretation in western culture that geisha are a kind of escort or courtesan. 

In contrast, geisha are and have consistently been exceptionally regarded in Japanese society. Traditionally, numerous geisha have even proceeded to wed influential samurai & legislators because of their societal position and expertise as a hostess. 

The usual responsibilities of a geisha incorporate entertaining their visitors with conversation, games, and wordplay; performing a dance, song, or an instrument; plus serving drinks just as drinking with the customers. 

Actually, geisha are acclaimed for their capacity to drink the normal individual under the table. Though, these sorts of activities are commonly saved for private customers, typically Japanese businesspeople. 

Notwithstanding, at an authentic geisha dinner experience, expats could relish in the best of conventional geisha amusement in a comfy setting, even without Japanese language knacks. 

Geiko & Maiko: The Distinction 

It’s not difficult to differentiate between a geiko and a maiko: 

  • Geiko wears out plainer kimono with squatter sleeves and shows up wearing somewhat unadorned wigs.
  • Maiko wears out a multicolored kimono with lengthy sleeves and shows up with their own hair worn up with an assortment of excessive hairpins (recognized as kanzashi). 
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However, both geiko & maiko amuse visitors, and they frequently come out together at different functions. 

How Does It Feel To Spend An Evening With A Geisha? 

One could envisage a pleasant dinner with a female sitting close to you pouring your sake plus making well-mannered and clever chat; presumably in Japanese. 

Then, at that point, perhaps she (and her associates, on the grounds that there’s probably going to be multiple) would stand up and perform certain Japanese classical dances going with one another with the shamisen. 

What’s In Store At An Authentic Geisha Dinner? 

An authentic geisha dinner is the top type of social diversion and cordiality in Japan, plus is split into 3 principal segments. The 1st is dinner, characteristically a kaiseki ryori meal, and the customary Japanese corresponding of haute cooking. 

Kaiseki feasting is based around tiny courses made with top-notch fixings, divinely prepared to feature the natural savor and seasonality of every dish. Following dinner, you’ll have the chance to partake in an exhibition of song or dance. 

This might incorporate the playing of customary Japanese string instruments like the shamisen & taiko or koto drums, or the show of a stylish dance named Nihon buyo, which is taken from Japanese theater arts comprising noh and kabuki. 

The last piece of an authentic geisha dinner is the ozashiki Asobi or conventional party games. The games are easy and simple to play in pairs or tiny groups, frequently joined by a geisha playing the shamisen. Ozashiki Asobi games are remarkable in that they are too old, to the point that they are presently not played by most contemporary Japanese folks. 

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Partake In A Private Authentic Dinner Or Tea With A Geisha/Maiko 

This resembles the most elite concerning becoming more acquainted with the geisha culture in Kyoto. This is the manner by which they are accustomed to doing it for ages, and it’s the best path of distinguishing it. On condition that you can arrive at this point, congrats, you will be begrudged such a great amount by everybody. 

Relatively few spots will permit travelers into their private shows; therefore, you’ll need to delve deep to locate one to be such a pace for you. And afterward, you’ll need to burrow deeper for the shitload of cash you’ll have to adapt it. 

At an authentic private geisha show, you will have the gorgeous women all to yourself. You will converse with them, partake in a geisha playing the shamisen, plus a maiko playing out a conventional dance, and perhaps gain proficiency with a piece on how to play out the tea ceremony. You will likewise partake in an appetizing Japanese dinner of the higher level, so nothing will be excessively useful for you that evening. 

Obviously, costs range fiercely from 500 to $1000 per visitor, hence be ready to fork up that sum on the condition that you want to have these astonishing ladies for yourself for 2 hours. Nonetheless, once more, this is the means by which the thing should be, so you’re getting a unique experience for your cash. That’s how you can experience authentic dinner with geisha in Japan!

How Could Travelers Engage In An Authentic Geiko Dinner? 

Geiko dinners have consistently been exclusive and pricey, elite events. However, as different organizations, the ochaya have been experiencing a monetary decline during recent decades. 

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Subsequently, they have become less preventive, and it’s currently feasible for practically any traveler with an adequate budget to have an authentic dinner with a geiko on account of travel agencies & lodgings filling in as the go-between. 

There are even a couple of organizations that target foreign visitors without Japanese language proficiencies, like Voyagin. In the event that you book via a travel agency, the average expense for a full-fletched geiko authentic dinner is roughly 50,000 yen for every geiko or maiko in addition to the expense for the feast which is normally somewhere in the range of 10,000 & 30,000 yen for each individual. 

Since English chat isn’t among the dexterities mastered by geiko (they assumed to impart in Kyoto language), a few services can orchestrate a translator at an extra cost. 


In case you’re arranging your tour to Japan, you should add in a way of experiencing the authentic geisha culture. It’s presumably essential for why you have chosen to go there. Let’s be fair here, we as a whole realize that Tokyo is this gigantic city and that Japan is this advanced nation, yet somewhere down in our hearts, we’re going there to witness fearless samurai and graceful geisha and maiko.


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