Discover Bulgaria, One of the Oldest Countries in Europe

Bulgaria, nestled in Southeastern Europe, is a nation at a crossroads of ancient and modern civilizations. The country with a population of 7 million shares borders with Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, and North Macedonia. 

The country takes great pride in its seacoast, popular ski resorts, tiny quaint villages, and huge cities with a vibrant nightlife. It also boasts a rich history while having a forward-looking perspective as a part of the Council of Europe, NATO, and the European Union. Bulgaria is no doubt an exciting place of contrasts that makes it a favorite among tourists. 

Read on below to learn more and discover Bulgaria, one of the oldest countries in Europe:

Bulgaria’s History Started in the 7th Century 

Discover Bulgaria, One of the Oldest Countries in Europe

Bulgaria was founded in 681, making it one of the oldest countries in the European continent. It is also the only one in Europe that didn’t undergo any changes in its name. With a history that spans as long as 13 centuries, this country in Eastern Europe has so many things in store for those who want to take a trip down memory lane. 

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Plovdiv is Europe’s Oldest City

Discover Bulgaria, One of the Oldest Countries in Europe

The southern city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria has been in existence for over 8,000 years and was named in 2019 as the European Capital of Culture. Plovdiv, popularly called the City on the Seven Hills, offers history lovers some fascinating sights including the Old Town and the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis. There are also exciting activities for young people in the form of the vibrant art scene, hip bars, and many modern restaurants and cafes. 

Bulgaria Ranks Third in Europe When It Comes to Archeological Sites

The country ranks third in Europe in terms of the number of archaeological sites. Unlike the first two nations of Italy and Greece which see millions of visitors annually who want to discover their rich history, the crowds of tourists are not as large in Bulgaria. It means that you get the chance to explore the oldest artefacts of Europe without the need to deal with long waiting lines and throngs of people. 

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Varna Gold Treasure is the World’s Oldest Gold Treasure

Discover Bulgaria, One of the Oldest Countries in Europe

The coastal city of Varna known as the sea capital serves as the home to the oldest gold treasure in the world. The Varna Gold Treasure was discovered in 1972, dating back to the 5th century BC. This treasure is made up of approximately 3,000 items, with each one weighing over 6.5 kilograms and crafted from 24-carat gold. 

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is One of the World’s Largest Orthodox Churches 

Discover Bulgaria, One of the Oldest Countries in Europe

The Alexander Nevsky Church is located right in the heart of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is an interesting striking architectural monument and is the perfect example of Neo-Byzantine architecture. 

The impressive cathedral features pure gold-plated domes and 12 bells. The largest of these bells has an impressive weight of 12 tones while the smallest is only 10 kilograms. 

Forests Cover Almost a Third of Bulgaria

Discover Bulgaria, One of the Oldest Countries in Europe

Bulgaria is among the countries in Europe with the greatest number of forests. They occupy a third of the territory of the country and serve as home to 43 endangered plant and animal species. The forests of the country are perfect for hiking, sports, or a leisurely stroll in nature. 

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With its ancient treasures and towns, sea views, and magnificent mountains, Bulgaria is truly a country with a little bit of everything. 


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