Discover Down Under: A 30-Day Adventure Across Australia

Embark on a grand adventure across the stunning expanse of Australia, a land where ancient landscapes and modern cities converge to create a tapestry rich with natural beauty and cultural depth. This month-long journey is tailored for those who seek to experience Australia’s iconic sights—from the vibrant coral of the Great Barrier Reef to the mysterious red deserts of the Outback and the sophisticated streets of its bustling capitals. Designed with luxury in mind, your itinerary will guide you through extraordinary experiences, where you will not only see Australia but feel its pulse. Prepare to be transformed by a continent that is as vast as it is varied, where every destination offers a new perspective and every moment becomes a cherished memory. Welcome to Australia, where adventure and luxury meet.

Week 1: Sydney and Surrounds

Day 1-3: Sydney

Arrive in Sydney and check into the Park Hyatt, renowned for its elegant architecture and stunning views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Begin with a bespoke harbor tour aboard a private yacht, complete with a gourmet dinner under the stars as you glide past illuminated city landmarks.

Discover Down Under: A 30-Day Adventure Across Australia

Spend your next day exploring Sydney’s rich history and contemporary culture. Start with a private walking tour through the historic Rocks district, learning about Sydney’s colonial past. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art for a curated tour of its impressive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection. For dinner, enjoy the culinary delights at Quay, where chef Peter Gilmore’s creations offer a modern twist on Australian ingredients.

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Day 4: Blue Mountains

Venture to the Blue Mountains, a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site. Stay at the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, nestled in a private conservation area. Explore the stunning landscape with a guided eco-tour, encountering native wildlife such as kangaroos and wallabies. Enjoy a luxurious spa treatment using indigenous ingredients before dining at the resort’s exclusive restaurant, which features a menu of locally sourced, seasonal produce.

Blue Mountains

Day 5-6: Hunter Valley

Travel to Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest wine region. Stay at the boutique Spicers Vineyards Estate, which offers a personalized wine tasting experience and a private vineyard tour. Engage in a culinary workshop with a renowned chef, learning to pair regional gourmet dishes with exceptional local wines. Spend your evenings relaxing by the fire or stargazing from your private patio.

Hunter Valley

Day 7: Sydney

Return to Sydney for a day of leisure and luxury shopping in districts like Paddington and Double Bay, known for their upscale boutiques and galleries. Conclude your day with a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House, enjoying a VIP experience with backstage access.

Week 2: Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef

Day 8-10: Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef

Fly to Cairns and check into the Shangri-La Hotel at The Marina, a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Spend a day on a private boat exploring the vibrant marine ecosystems of the reef, with opportunities for snorkeling and diving among breathtaking coral gardens and colorful fish. Visit the Daintree Rainforest, the oldest rainforest on earth, for a guided eco-tour that includes a traditional bush tucker meal prepared by local Indigenous people.

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 the Great Barrier Reef

Day 11-14: Whitsunday Islands

Continue to the Whitsunday Islands, where you will stay at the luxurious Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island. Enjoy a private sailing excursion to the secluded beaches of the islands, including the renowned Whitehaven Beach. Opt for an aerial tour of the Heart Reef, a stunning natural formation, providing an unforgettable view and photo opportunity.

Whitsunday Islands

Week 3: The Red Centre and Adelaide

Day 15-17: Uluru

Travel to the spiritual heart of the Australian continent to witness the majestic Uluru. Stay in an eco-luxury tent at Longitude 131°, offering panoramic views of the desert landscape and Uluru. Participate in guided walks to learn about the Anangu culture and the natural history of this sacred site. Enjoy dining under the stars with a view of the illuminated rock formation.


Day 18-21: Adelaide and Kangaroo Island

Fly to Adelaide, known for its vibrant arts and food scene. Explore the city’s galleries and boutique eateries before heading to Kangaroo Island. Stay at the Southern Ocean Lodge, an eco-friendly luxury retreat that offers up-close encounters with native wildlife like sea lions and kangaroos, and guided tours highlighting the island’s unique ecosystems.

Kangaroo Island

Week 4: Melbourne and Tasmania

Day 22-24: Melbourne

Discover Melbourne’s eclectic charm by exploring its famous laneways, filled with street art, boutique shops, and gourmet cafes. Stay at The Langham, located along the scenic Yarra River. Enjoy a private food tour, sampling the city’s best culinary offerings from local markets and specialty shops.

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Day 25-28: Tasmania

Journey to Tasmania, staying in Hobart at the art-infused Henry Jones Art Hotel. Visit the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), known for its provocative exhibits and stunning architecture. Explore the island’s rugged natural beauty, visiting national parks and local vineyards, which offer tastings of premium Tasmanian wines.

Tasmania Australia

Day 29-30: Return to Melbourne

Spend your final days back in Melbourne, revisiting your favorite spots or discovering new ones. Enjoy a farewell dinner at one of the city’s top restaurants, reflecting on the unforgettable experiences and lush landscapes of your Australian adventure.

After a month of traversing Australia’s spectacular landscapes, indulging in its rich culinary scenes, and immersing yourself in the culture, you depart with not just photographs, but a profound connection to this diverse continent. This journey through Australia offers a glimpse into both the rugged beauty of its natural environments and the vibrant life of its urban centres. Each destination, from the serene beaches of the Whitsunday Islands to the historic alleys of Melbourne, and the sacred sands surrounding Uluru, has contributed to a fuller understanding of the Australian spirit.


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