Discovering Secret Gems: Untouched Luxury Destinations

What’s the true essence of traveling? Most people travel to experience being in an unknown place and just let themselves get lost in its beauty while they embark on their discovery and exploration.

But nothing beats the rewarding experience of being one of the first few people to reach a destination that most travelers aren’t lucky enough to have visited yet.

The world is an interesting planet that boasts jungles rife with wildlife, unexplored deserts, and remote islands. However, there remain numerous untapped destinations that never fail to amaze even the most seasoned travelers.

The following are some of the best-untouched luxury destinations that are considered secret gems worthy of discovery and exploration on your own:

Fogo Island, Canada

Fogo Island is an isolated island with the Atlantic Ocean’s overwhelming waters surrounding it everywhere. This is the best place to be if you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the world. The island, accessible by air or sea, has several towns, including Tilting, Seldom-Little Seldom, Joe Batt’s Arm-Barr’d Islands, Shoal Bay, and Fogo.

Discovering Secret Gems: Untouched Luxury Destinations

The island might have a less-than-familiar topography, but the local charm of its towns combined with their cultural activities will surely give you more than enough reason to change your opinion. Despite its seclusion, the island had it all, from music festivals to museums.

Fogo Island Inn, which is perfectly in sync with the island’s vibe, rises from the rocky terrain like an outcrop. The inn is an acclaimed hotel that features cozy suites that feature a fireplace, astonishing floor-to-ceiling windows all over the property with ideal Atlantic Ocean views, and a restaurant that serves delectable local cuisine.

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Kokomo Private Island Resort, Fiji

Fiji’s Kokomo Private Island Resort is a must-visit if you’re a certified luxury traveler. The journey begins from Nadi city, where the resort island’s guests are whisked off by a private helicopter or Twin Otter seaplane across the ocean waters in their jewel-toned blue color.

Consisting of 21 luxury villas, five of which are luxury residences, the lavish resort has all your holiday needs covered. Couples can up the ante of their romantic escapade by trying a cocktail at Walker d’Plank, the casual restaurant in the resort nestled at the back of a cove that serves delights inspired by Asia. The property also has two more restaurants to accommodate guests.

Discovering Secret Gems: Untouched Luxury Destinations

Special nanny services are also available for families, with a dedicated butler assigned to each villa. Spa and yoga classes also promote wellness and relaxation among guests. If you’re looking for some thrill and adventure, you can also try wave surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and even diving in the world-acclaimed Astrolabe Reef, which serves as the home to abundant marine life.

Wine Trails, Philadelphia’s Countryside

A glass of refreshing and good-tasting wine can do wonders for soothing your nerves, especially if the greenness of Philadelphia’s countryside is all around you. Philadelphia’s countryside is the leading grape-growing region on the East Coast and boasts two amazing wine trails.

The Brandywine Valley Wine Trail, tucked into the panoramic rolling hills, features six wineries complete with tasting rooms. The wineries are open all year round and are all located within a radius of 50 miles.

Discovering Secret Gems: Untouched Luxury Destinations

The smallest wine trail in Pennsylvania, the Montgomery Country Wine Trail, is located around 25 miles away from the city center. Four wineries are located in environs that look like they came straight out of a romance novel thanks to their old stone houses, 18th-century taverns, and verdant parks.

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The trail offers a total of 30 varieties of wine, including delectable port wines, dessert wines, ciders, meads (honey wines), flavorless 100% fruit wines, French hybrid wines, and reserve reds.

Foodies will also love the array of restaurants here offering farm-to-table meals that are a perfect complement to the lip-smacking wine-tasting experience.

Phú Quốc, Vietnam

Phú Quốc, pronounced as foo-kwuck or foo-kwok, is nestled in the Gulf of Thailand and is both one of the largest and the most pristine islands in Vietnam. A total of 28 islands make up the Phú Quốc district. Although most tourist activities take place on the main island, the rest are mostly uninhabited, making them the perfect spot for serenity and quietude.

Discovering Secret Gems: Untouched Luxury Destinations

With an extensive selection of natural diversity, visitors to the island can indulge in the local culture, mountainous trails, dense forests, and glorious beaches. Wildlife lovers are also in for an exciting treat with the diverse marine species thriving undersea near the island. The island’s placid villages will also give you a quick sneak peek into the popular pepper and pearl farms.

The place is known for its signature fish sauce, acclaimed to be the world’s finest. Produced directly on the island, this product is a must-buy from the area’s local stores. Foodies can also satisfy their cravings while enjoying the great views from the selection of bars and restaurants by the beach.

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Reunion Island

Cuddled up amid the Indian Ocean’s jewel-toned aquamarine waters, Reunion Island is the French Republic’s department in East Africa. It is a serene speck of an island, offering the amazing beauty of the tropics.

It doesn’t matter if you want to snorkel in Hermitage Beach’s waters or soak up the warm sun on Grand Anse Beach, abundant with coconut trees; Reunion Island is a real paradise on earth for tropical climate fans.

Discovering Secret Gems: Untouched Luxury Destinations

The diverse topography of the island ranges from the beautiful beaches to the calderas and volcanic mountains, specifically the Cirque de Salazie and the Piton des Neiges. Both are recognized as UNESCO natural heritage sites that can be hiked through the designated trails.

The island’s colonial traces are evident in Saint Denis, the region’s capital. It is a quaint commune filled with Creole-style mansions abundant with the cultures of Africa, Creole, and India, all of which are in perfect harmony with each other.

Aside from farm visits, Indian temples, and Creole picnics, the island also has tunnel ziplining, underwater painting workshops, and posh stays in hotels such as the Blue Margouillat.

Which of these untouched luxury destinations would you love to visit first?


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