Do You Want to Get Paid for Travelling? Here's How

Travelling and getting paid for it is like the ultimate dream come true for many people. The good news is that there are now many ways for regular folks to travel for free and earn some cash at the same time. 

Be a Travel Blogger

By becoming a travel blogger, you can earn money anywhere as long as you have your laptop with you. You can start a travel blog of your own and make money from ads and affiliate marketing links.

Do You Want to Get Paid for Travelling? Here's How

The best thing about travel writing is that it doesn’t require massive upfront costs. Also, as long as you stick to the right approach, this can even give you a solid and more stable stream of passive income. 

As a travel blogger, you can go at your own pace while moving around and experiencing different places. 

Work as a Journalist

If the idea of starting your travel blog is too much for you, why not work as a journalist and start writing for online magazines, websites, and blogs? You can get paid for every post you write for them. The best thing about this job is that this is something you can do no matter where you are in the world.

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Do You Want to Get Paid for Travelling? Here's How

If you are lucky, you can even write for some awesome magazines like New York Times, National Geographic, and more! You might even be asked to go on a trip to write about festivals and new hotels in different destinations!

Be a Travel Advisor

As a travel advisor or agent, your main role is to help people choose, plan, and arrange their trips and holidays. You often need to work based on the budget set by your client. You can also provide opinions and advice on the best places to go as well as give an insight into local tourist attractions, customs, and events.

Do You Want to Get Paid for Travelling? Here's How

Of course, to share all these tips and recommendations, you need to research the experiences, from the sites to visit, to the restaurants where they can grab a bite to eat. This research will involve going on the trips yourself so you can share more insightful pieces of advice. 

As a travel advisor, you can work for a company or even start your own! 

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Start Your Career as a House Sitter 

Believe it or not, housesitting is among the best global jobs you can ever have. It may sound a bit strange but yes, some homeowners are willing to pay someone from a different country to watch their house while they are away.

Do You Want to Get Paid for Travelling? Here's How

Most of the time, house sitting only involves easy chores such as watering the plants, dusting and bringing in the mail. This is almost similar to a vacation and the difference is that instead of paying for your lodging, you will be the one getting a paycheck. Now, doesn’t this sound enticing?

As the world feels smaller thanks to all the advancements in technology, travelling and making money at the same time has just got easier and simpler than ever. Give these jobs a try and have the rest of the world right at your fingertips!


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